More ice ice baby!

Christmas has come and gone and for me and my little family that means that we head off for some peace and quiet at the little family cottage my parents bought in the north some 12 years ago or so. December is so full of parties and being really busy, that we crave that down time here!


Some months ago I wrote about the importance of ice in The Netherlands during the winter season. Alas, it isn’t cold enough yet for the water in the canals to freeze here, but what we do have is speed ice skating championships. It’s one of those sports that ‘we’ excel at here, our skaters win gold medals at Olympics and world championships! Every year at the end of December the national Dutch speed ice skating championships are held here, not that far from where our cottage is at. We’ve been to the championships before but that was quite some years ago so this year we decided to go again.

So, yesterday we went to Heerenveen, to the Thialf stadium, and we saw our greatest speed skating heroes live!

First up was the women’s 3000 meters race. The coaches on the sideline for this race were right near where we were sitting and one of those coaches was Gianni Romme who has won gold medals (also in the Olympics) some years back…

Participating in the race was Ireen Wüst, our most succesful winter sports athlete who has won pretty much everything there is to win several times! We saw her do some warming up rounds…

… and she did her race…


… which she also won! She waved and blew kisses to the audience after her win…

No one could beat her time, so she had earned her umpteenth gold medal! In the distance we could see the medal ceremony and we all dutifully stood up for our Dutch national anthem.

The next race was the 1500 meters for men with our other speed skating superstar Sven Kramer in it. He too did some warming up laps…


The start for the 1500 meters was right near where we were sitting, so we were able to see Sven Kramer getting away up close! A lot of power goes into that.

The race was fast…


… and he too won his race…


… he waited on the side opposite from where we were sitting to await what happened in the other 1500 m races. Another skater who had come in 3rd overall, Patrick Roest, joined him for a bit…

When it turned out Sven Kramer had won the 1500 he was congratulated by his coaches…

And there was another medal ceremony with the Dutch sports news TV crew situated right in front of them…


The last race was the 500 meters for women. I didn’t take great pictures of those races and they were over really quickly too but nonetheless fun to watch!

I felt very Dutch yesterday with an afternoon spent on the ice. 🙂

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