There’s my Richard!

I am subscribed to Empire movie magazine (and have been for something like 15 years now) and today the latest copy of Empire arrived in the mail with Richard in it! Yay!!

Richard in Empire

Goes well with my Empire December 2012 Thorin cover…

Thorin Empire cover

… and my kissing a Hobbit (Thorin) display at the cinema picture a few years back…


… my signed The Crucible and North & South memorabilia…

RA & I

RA & I

… and my most prized possesion: a picture of Richard and me outside the Old Vic in July 2014 (albeit grainy)…

RA & I

Ah, this all brightens a dizzy girl’s day! 🙂

15 thoughts on “There’s my Richard!

    1. Ich glaub’ nicht, daß das ein neues Foto ist… Und ich muß sagen, ich habe eine Schwäche für den Bart.Ich wünsche mir vor allem längere Haare für unseren Mann..


    1. Aw, you’re wonderful like that! 🙂
      Yeah, I’m very happy with my collection. 🙂 I especially love my small N&S signed poster. I’ve had that hanging on my bedroom wall ever since 2006 and last summer I took it with me to London where he signed it for me at the stage door of the Old Vic. I had only planned on getting that signed but the man was on a roll, he signed a ticket my husband had handy and the programme as well for good measure AND he posed for a picture! It was all over in 30 seconds… but… wow!


      1. The “small N&S signed poster” – is that the one seen in the picture with the signed programme and ticket from the Crucible? Nice!
        And hehe, yes, he really was on a roll there. I remember the first time I was at the SD, I had a much coveted photobook with me (which has nothing to do with RA), and I was half afraid he’d reach for it and plaster his signature over it. LOL.


    2. Oh, and I wanted to show him my appreciation, so at the stage door I gave him a faux-Delft Blue porcelain jar with the city hall of my home town painted on it, filled with Dutch syrup waffles. I do wonder if he ever got to eat them…

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