I am sailing/spinning/dizzy

A few weeks ago I posted about being dizzy, and now, more than a month on, I am still dizzy as soon as I sit up for a longer period or walk around! Still in the middle of testing, trying to figure out what exactly is wrong, it seems to have something to do with a vestibular problem in my inner ear… It’s amazing how something so small can influence your balance and well-being so much!

So, to amuse myself, I have found a few fitting theme songs over the past weeks. Next to the dizziness I also have a constant ringing in my ears which I need to drown out sometimes, so putting music on helps… The most obvious dizzy theme song is the I’m so dizzy song I referenced in my post of a few weeks ago. Another one is a Rod Stewart song I used to love back in the day but played so much at the time, that I got a bit sick of it. Now that I am dizzy and sick of that, it seems fitting to listen to again (and I constantly feel like I’m on a boat anyhow):

Another fitting dizzy song, is this one by Dead or Alive, that I actually still like (and oh my, look at that 80s hair and make-up!):

Then there’s this Dizzy Miss Lizzy by the Beatles:

Or Spinning around by Kylie Minogue:

I wish I could dance to this one by the Pet Shop Boys (it’s called My Head is Spinning which is the only lyric in the song):

And although I don’t have vertigo, I understand vertigo and dizziness can go hand in hand, so I had to include this great U2 song as well:

Ok, and back to my original dizzy theme song, I like this version by Vic Reeves & The Wonder Stuff:

Any other dizziness song ideas out there? I may decide to put them all together on my own personal dizzy-spinning-mix-cd… 😉

10 thoughts on “I am sailing/spinning/dizzy

  1. Very creative! I take a medicine called meclizine when I get dizzy. It’s not a solution but it helps my comfort level. I hope they figure it out and it is soon behind you 🙂

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    • Thank you! They have given me some meds too, but it doesn’t really work. They won’t give me anything else until it’s more clear what’s up, which makes sense. Yeah, I can’t wait for this thing to be over…


  2. Great music list! I hope you’ll get well soon!!!

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  3. Hast du ein Pfeifen/Geräusch im Ohr, viel Stress? Bei uns wäre das dann ein Hörsturz, die Übersetzung die ich gefunden habe lautet hearing loss…..hier bekommt man dann Durchblutungsfördernde Mittel…..


    • Nein, ich habe nicht besonders viel Stress und ja, ich habe auch ein Pfeiffen in den Ohren… 24/7… seuftz… Habe auch ein Hörtest gehabt, aber da ist nichts los, mein Gehör ist immer noch gut… abwarten, was neue Tests ergeben werden…


  4. Great video choices, though I am sorry about the theme. I remember “You spin me round” from the 80s..

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  5. Die 80er videos sind toll, kaum zu glauben, dass wir alle damals so rumgelaufen sind 🙂 Gute Besserung!!!

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