The acorn scene

In The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies there is a scene where Bilbo shows Thorin an acorn that he’s holding on to. The look on Thorin’s face is just so soft and loving when, in all the darkness that is surrounding him, Bilbo brings this delight and warms his heart. It is a beautiful little moment. Then they are disturbed by the news that the people of Lake Town are coming, which is unwelcome news to Thorin, and his face changes to suspicion and annoyance… The transformation in Richard Armitage’s features when he acts this out is like magic and I can watch it over and over and over again. Each time the dread grips at my heart yet again when Richard/Thorin is drawn back into the darkness…








There are so many other scenes where Richard majestically portrays Thorin (his descent into madness, fighting with Azog, the moment when he decides to sacrifice himself, the end..) but the transformation in his features in this acorn scene is something that jumped out at me extra when I watched the Extended Edition the other day. Yep, Richard has hooked me yet again…

8 thoughts on “The acorn scene

  1. I agree, the acorn scene really showcases RA’s exceptional ability to portray his character’s emotions through his facial expressions alone. Love that scene, even though it does finish with that ominous tone.

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