The last goodbye

I still have to wait for my The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies extended edition BluRay to come out. I have an empty spot saved for it in my movies cupboard, beside the other two The Hobbit BluRays and the The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Many years ago I was not into fantasy or science fiction at all but I had fallen in love with a man, my husband now, who did like those things. Through him I came to love Jean-Luc Picard and Star Trek and through him I was introduced to The Lord of the Rings.

My husband enjoys a good film but is not a real film fan. So, when we go to the cinema together, I am usually the one to pick the films. Over the years the man has come to enjoy a good romantic comedy or two and has even gotten to like Jane Austen of sorts. From the beginning of our relationship, some 23 years now (oh my, I sound old!), he has more than indulged me. So when 14 years ago he said he wanted to see the first The Lord of the Rings film in the cinema, I magnanimously agreed. Sure, I could make the sacrifce for him for once, I thought. I wasn’t really expecting much but he had proven good taste before with Star Trek: The Next Generation, so who knows, maybe this wouldn’t be too bad?

And then I saw The Fellowship of the Ring… and I was blown away! It looked gorgeous, the whole world, the story, the characters were fascinating! Of course, I fell in love with Strider/Aragorn, so that helped too (and I came to really, really like Viggo Mortensen).

Aragorn - Fellowhsip

Wait a whole year to find out what happens next? I don’t think so! When the film ended I badgered my husband to tell me the rest of the story but the good man wouldn’t. So, I immediately read the book which was a page turner and again to my surprise, I was hooked. I feverishly anticpated the next two Rings films and loved every minute of them and especially the extended editions when they came out! Kudos to my husband for not being smug about it and saying “I told you so”!

Quite some years later, imagine my thrill when I hear my favourite actor is going to play Thorin Oakenshield in the new Peter Jackson/Middle Earth fantasy adventure! I hadn’t read The Hobbit yet because, well, it didn’t have Aragorn in it… But I corrected the situation, read it… and was a little underwhelmed by the character of Thorin. But by now I trusted Peter Jackson and the things he did for Middle Earth. I figured he would find a way to make Richard Armitage shine as Thorin Oakenshield and I was not disappointed!

I am awed by Richard as Thorin and I absolutely loved Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins and last night I couldn’t resist and downloaded the last Hobbit extended edition and watched it. I don’t have the extra’s (I will wait for those when I buy the BluRay), just the movie… and I was hooked again! I admit to getting a little battle-weary and The Hobbit trilogy isn’t quite as powerful to me as The Lord of the Rings trilogy was, but even so, I loved it! And I loved what Richard did with his role, the subtle emotions battling in his eyes and on his face. He moved me to tears and I know I am not alone in thinking he did a great job. I loved Bilbo in it too, and his love for Thorin made me cry extra at the end… This, more than the other two Hobbit films, was Thorin’s film.

When the titles rolled, I was wiping away tears but Billy Boyd singing “The Last Goodbye” didn’t help (it’s all really over now!). I love love love the artwork for these films and the character drawings at the end, shown during the titles, are absolutely stunning to me, like this one:

Thorin Oakenshield drawing

Afterwards I went to YouTube and watched the video to Billy Boyd’s song and saw all the Lord of the Rings images as well…

… and now I just want to watch all 6 movies back to back again… extended editions only!

14 thoughts on “The last goodbye

  1. Yes, Peter Jackson has chosen his characters very well. Auch Viggo Mortensen war für Aragorn die perfekte Besetzung,mit all seinen Eigenheiten. Und über Thorin brauche ich nichts mehr zu sagen ❤ Wo zum T… hast Du die Extended Version her? Kann man die schon downloaden? Bei uns müssen wir auf die DVDs noch recht lange warten……

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  2. I absolutely love that song and thought it was wonderful that Billy Boyd, our Pippin, was able to do it. I’d no idea he has such a lovely voice. I’m really excited to watch the EE’s of all the films, starting with AUJ and ending with Return of the King! Don’t know when I’ll find the 24+ hours, though. LOL

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    1. He also sang in The Lord of the Rings, which was absolutely beautiful as well! Yes, I really like the song too…
      And yes, where to find the time to watch them all back-to-back, I don’t know… but I plan in doing it sometime anyhow, together with my husband! 🙂


  3. I love extended editions too…(don’t have the BOFTA E.E yet)
    Well, I’m a big fan of fantasy – not only fantasy, of course- and of The Lord of the Rings. I remembered that I began to read the book when I was about 15 (that means …more than 30 years ago). As strange as it seems I didn’t like it at first (maybe because I was too young). I read it some years later (in my 20’s) and then read it again…etc… I was so happy when P.Jackson made these incredible movies.
    It was just amazing!

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    1. I read The Hobbit and LOTR as a girl (maybe 12?) and fell under the spell. Over the years I’ve re-read them. I watched the Ralph Bakshi animated version in 1978 (a huge disappointment of course). The first trilogy absolutely blew me away. Re the second one, I think it was too stretched out and should have been one film, but that’s nothing against the actors. For fans, I’m sure this is a good thing because there’s more to love…
      And Billy Boyd, yes, very lovely to hear him sing.

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  4. I never read the books, had no interest in seeing the original LOTR until my sister dragged me to a late night showing at the dollar theater – 7 months after it was released. I became an instant fan. I couldn’t wait for the 2nd movie, so I went and bought the books.

    The day I get BOTFA EE, I will be spending the weekend having a marathon of EE’s.

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