Attack on press freedom

Yesterday evening at 7.30 pm a very famous Dutch investigative and crime journalist was shot in the center of Amterdam after leaving a TV studio where he’d been a guest on a talkshow he regularly appears on. I’ve never really liked the man Peter R. de Vries but as a journalist he has been a pitbull in bringing attention to high profile cases and fighting for justice and getting results too, which has always been admirable. He even won an Emmy once about a programme he made on Natalee Holloway. He has apparently been hit in his head and is fighting for his life in hospital now. The working theory seems to be that it’s an organized crime hit and two men are already in custody (originally three but the third man has been released and has nothing to do with it all).

We’ve had a few more high profile in broad daylight assassinations in the past (like Pim Fortuyn, far right politician I hated but I was appalled at him being shot in 2002 and film maker Theo van Gogh in 2004) and I am very shocked that something like that can happen again in this country in broad daylight. It’s an attack on someone who is very outspoken and it’s also an attack on our press freedom which is normally rated highly (number 6 on a press freedom world index). I hope this attack gets punished severely as a deterrent. Mostly for now, I hope that De Vries will be alright in the end.

15 thoughts on “Attack on press freedom

  1. The freedom of the press is getting eroded day by day, and this is a shocking reminder. Hope he pulls through. (Ireland had a high profile case like this years ago. The journalist Vernonica Guerin (who reported on organised crime) was shot in her car, at a traffic light, in broad daylight. Her story was made into a film featuring Cate Blanchett).

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