For the first time since at least the beginning of the pandemic I have a horrible cold (clogged nose, throat ache, headache, low grade fever). My son and daughter have the same thing. Did my first ever Covid test today and it thankfully came back negative. Kids are OK too. Mr Esther has asthma and so is the only one in our house who gets the flu shot. He isn’t sick so I’m thinking this is the belated flu streak rearing it’s ugly head, now the mask mandate here is over?

I am relatively susceptible to colds, I have one 3 or 4 times a year normally (not always heavy, though), but I haven’t had one for so long due to this whole quarantine business, I almost forgot what it feels like. This one I’m having now is quite miserable. Starting to shiver again, I’d best cover myself in my red blanket in this large comfy armchair, block out Wimbledon that’s on TV now (women’s quarter finals) and maybe take a little nap.

Hope it passes quickly but I have a feeling it will take a little while to shake. At least it isn’t the corona virus.

11 thoughts on “Negative

    1. Thanks.
      Yeah, I need my nosespray a few times a year and it’s been bliss during quarantine not getiing any colds. Guess I’m getting it double now.


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