Oh, Jerusalem…

… what will happen now after Trump’s latest narrow-minded, selfish move? My heart goes out to you!

I love Jerusalem. I was born there, have lived there, have gone to school there, have visited many times after living there. It has always been a problematic city, home to the holiest sites of the 3 large monotheistic religions. The picture on the left was taken from behind/on the roof of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (where Jesus is said to have been crucified). The picture on the right is of the Dome of the Rock (where Mohammed is said to have ascended to heaven) with the holy Western Wall in front of it (part of the Jewish Second Temple which was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD).

And a few more pictures: my dad with my son at the Western Wall, my kids with cousins inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the closest we could get to the Dome during our 2008 visit, which was closed to non-Muslim visitors due to the whole conflict (I had visited there before, however, when there was more hope for peace).

These sites are very close to each other; the Holy Sepulchre is only about a 10 minute walk away from the Western Wall and the Western Wall is literally part of the outer wall of the piece of land on which the Al Aqsa Mosque & Dome of the Rock are situated. The sites and the feelings they evoke are so closely tied together, there is a real reason why the question of the status of Jerusalem is a very difficult one in the whole peace process… I just hope that what Donald Trump has done now won’t endanger a process that is already extremely delicate and fragile as is… I just hope that it will remain possible to walk peacefully through the Old City…


… and that this bumbling fool of an American president hasn’t destroyed too much with his short-sighted foreign ‘policy’. If I were a religious person I’d be praying harder than ever for peace in Jerusalem now.

10 thoughts on “Oh, Jerusalem…

      1. Servetus

        I’ve been thinking lately that it’s just that Christian theology predicts an apocalypse at the end of time — it’s that some / many Christians want one and somehow think it’s their obligation to bring it on. As has been pointed out many times in the U.S. media, this has nothing to do with foreign policy goals or really any meaningful U.S. politics at all. It’s solely a sop to the evangelical Christian voting base — and probably intended as a distraction from the Mueller / Russia probe.


  1. Ich mache mir sehr große Sorgen, wo das noch alles hinführen wird. Dieser Mann ist völlig… ich kann gar keinen tatsächlich passenden Ausdruck für seine Handlungsweise finden… Es ist ein großes Unglück, dass er der Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten ist. Gerade höre ich in den Nachrichten, zu welchen Unruhen im nahen Osten es bereits jetzt schon gekommen ist. Man kann nur beten, denn die, die vielleicht etwas tun könnten, tun es offensichtlich nicht.

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  2. Dieser Mensch hat schon so viel Schaden angerichtet und wird es weiterhin tun. Was er da angestossen hat ist unglaublich und erschreckend 😦 Alle Friedensbemühungen sind von einem Tag auf den anderen Geschichte…..

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