Richard has been busy!

I gather that at the end of Berlin Station season 2, Daniel (Richard Armitage) and Esther (Mina Tander) basically walk off into the sunset together…

Daniel & Esther BS s2 end (1)Daniel & Esther BS s2 end (2)

I have had no inclination to watch season 2 of Berlin Station yet, but Richard walking hand-in-hand with an Esther is a lovely image now in my head. 🙂

This finale coincided with a storm of Richard selfies on his instagram account on Sunday, which were a joy to see…

2017-1203 RA selfie 32017-1203 RA selfie 12017-1203 RA selfie 2

It felt a bit like Richard was saying goodbye to Berlin Station. Forever, I wonder? The latest news is that Berlin Station has been renewed for a 3rd season but this hasn’t been a fave show for me, so Richard in a 3rd season of Berlin Station is not essential in my book. I never really loved the first series but maybe I’ll think differently after I actually watch season 2? Not sure when I’ll brave watching it…

Also on Sunday, Michelle Forbes posted a lovely selfie of Richard and her on her Twitter:

2017-1203 RA MF selfie

Then on Monday yet another selfie on Richard’s Twitter account, hinting at a new narration project…

2017-1204 RA selfie

… which on Tuesday turned out to be the character of Wolverine that Richard is voicing in a Marvel podcast series! This made me chuckle, as the man has been mistaken for Hugh Jackman before and now the connection is even closer.  Yep, I can picture it…

… even though we’ll probably never see Richard actually looking like Wolverine. I have always liked Wolverine, I’ve seen all the movies except for the last one, Logan, which I hear is the best Wolverine yet and I still want to watch it. I think it’s really cool he’ll be voicing Wolverine but, as it’s again an audio-only performance, I doubt whether I’ll ever have the patience of sitting through a whole podcast series of this. I can sit through part of it, though, if it becomes widely available. We’ll see…

Then yesterday, on Wednesday, came the news that Richard is doing another audiobook called The Tattooist of Auschwitz.

This has me very curious even though it is, yet again, audio work only. I don’t do audiobooks and I am even less likely to listen to an audiobook with such a subject matter. I can internalize what I read in a book better when I actually read it as opposed to listening to it and with such a subject matter I’m not sure I can bear hearing it in another voice than the one I have in my head. Yet, this subject matter is one close to my heart and I’m very curious to know what Richard will be doing with the material. So, this is one I may actually try out…

The man has been busy, so much Richard news in just a few days! The last news-high before a Christmas-lull? For now, I am enjoying seeing Richard in Christmassy red. I just love this image, the warm colours and the warm little smile on his face.

2017-1206 RA reading Tattooist Auschwitz (3)

I look forward to more new Richard Armitage projects in 2018, with him filming Julie Delpy’s My Zoe movie next, I think!

14 thoughts on “Richard has been busy!

  1. I have not watched BS2 yet and plan to at some point over Christmas break, binge watch. The genre is NOT my favorite and tbh, I’m sick of politics. Every morning I get up – what new claim, what new sexual explosion, what new anything. Sick. Of. It. But due to reasons, there’s a huge chance Spawn and I will be staying home alone on Christmas. So therefore, time to binge watch anything.

    But that little blurb at the end…Yeah. Sweetness. I could use a little sweetness in my life.


  2. I won’t be watching Berlin Station season 2 until it is available on one of the platforms I already subscribe to (Amazon Prime or Hulu). I just wasn’t interested enough in the second season to pay for it, I’m afraid.

    I’m pretty pleased by the added audiowork, though. When I was younger I was very much a read-only kind of person. But after 20 years of listening to actors talk in a theater, audio has slowly worked its way into my life. I only wish I had a longer commute for listening!

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  3. Thanks for sharing! I actually liked Berlin Station Season 2 better than Season 1. In Season 2, all the characters seemed stronger, with balanced episode arcs between characters and the plot. And for me, the Season 2 scripts were immensely better–in no small part for their not relying on copious use of the “F” word in Season 1, compared to Season 1.

    I am looking forward to Season 3–to tie up their loose ends with characters and plots. And the Daniel and Esther park meeting was a bit too sweet–more dreamlike to me. But was it Daniel’s dream or Esther’s? Hmm.

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  4. Violet

    You definitely need to watch ‘Logan’; it truly is the best Wolverine movie, and Hugh gave an Oscar worthy performance.

    Richard has become the Energizer bunny. After his Christmas break with his family, he’ll have the My Zoe film and promotions for Ocean’s 8 and Castlevania Season 2 (plus for the projects he’s doing now). He also has that play in London (fingers crossed) and God knows what else! It’s amazing to me.

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  5. Ich kann dir nur zustimmen. Er war wirklich recht umtriebig und es gibt erfreulich viele neue (schöne) Bilder. Da ich selbst Hörbücher gerne mag und Wolverine ganz besonders gerne, freue ich mich schon auf diese Reihe. RA als Wolverine zu sehen wäre ziemlich aufregend, auch wenn ich nicht wirklich daran glaube, dass das passieren wird (er müsste unglaublich trainieren, um zu diesen Muskeln zu kommen). Seine Stimme ist auf alle Fälle passend und er wird der Figur sicherlich Leben einhauchen. Leider habe ich Logan auch nicht gesehen und deshalb wünsche ich mir die DVD jetzt zu Weihnachten. Bisher habe ich nur Positives über diesen Film gehört. Ich bin mal gespannt.

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