The most tantalizing news…

… about one of my newer fave TV series A Place To Call Home! It’s another piece of news I came back to after my vacation…season 4 of APTCH will start airing in Australia from September 11th onwards!

APTCH season 4

I particularly loved this gossipy little teaser trailer (“I’ve just heard the most tantalizing news!”):


Which was followed a short while later by another more ‘normal’ trailer:

I know this show is unknown to most people, but I love it. I even made some fanvids about Sarah and George after I first discovered the show early this year (here, here and here)! I’m so excited for it to be back. And it’s quick too! Filming for 12 episodes started in February and wrapped in July. Here’s a shot of the lead actress Marta Dusseldorp on her instagram page with her TV-dog Lucky on the last day of shooting:

APTCH Marta end of filming

The season will be about “the “reds under the bed” conspiracy that surrounded the Petrov Affair to show the conservative wave of fear. They will also show the wave of liberal change that opened up new social and moral choices during the course of Season 4.” (source). Sounds intriguing!

Regina is deliciously and really very scarily evil, will she be able to keep George and Sarah apart? What will hapen to Sarah’s baby? Will George run for office? Will Mrs Bligh recover and what happens with her chance at love? How will Caroline deal with the horror she went through and what does it mean to Jack? What happens with Jack, will he be barred from practicing medicine? What will happen with James and Olivia? Looks like Olivia will continue her fling with the artist and will James and his doctor be together? So many questions, I’m so curious to see how it will unfold!

It will be a while yet before this airs here in The Netherlands. The Netherlands is only now airing season 3, maybe we can hope for season 4 in the spring here? Will the BBC air this soon (they aired season 3 a few months ago)? In any case, I will do my utmost to get my hands on season 4 as soon as possible… πŸ™‚

MTA: just came across these new season 4 images as well, which look great, by Peter Brew-Bevan (click to enlarge):

7 thoughts on “The most tantalizing news…

  1. Violet

    I’m happy to know there is going to be a Season 4! Earlier this year I discovered the show while looking for something new to watch. It’s so good that I marathoned the three seasons in one week! Thank you for posting this information. You’ve totally made my day. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes, I do love the costumes, the whole period look of it! Not just the costumes, also the cars, the grand house of the Bligh family, the simple house Sarah lives in with Roy and the hospital!

          Liked by 1 person

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