How ’bout this for a Richard project?

One of the blogs I follow, Flixchatter, just answered some questions on her blog for a blog award and this was one of her responses:

flixchatter richard

This does sound absolutely perfect for Richard Armitage, doesn’t it? It mirrors his own quest about wanting to ‘rehabilitate’ Richard III and he was named after Richard III as well. Does anyone else know this book? I’ve never heard of it, but it’s a book published in 1951 and according to Wikipedia:  “In 1990 it was voted number one in The Top 100 Crime Novels of All Time list compiled by the British Crime Writers’ Association.”  I’d love to see Richard Armitage do something like this and I think he’d be awfully good at it!

Now I think I have to get my hands on the book… Thanks, Ruth, for the book tip and if anyone is interested, you can see the rest of Ruth’s answers for the Sunshine Blogger Award HERE; well worth a read. 🙂

20 thoughts on “How ’bout this for a Richard project?

  1. Yes, I know the book. I found out about it at the time Richard was talking about his R3 project. I’ve listed to the audiobook narrated by Derek Jacobi, if you’re interested in audiobooks. I was doubtful about R3’s innocence, but after this book, I believe. Great project for RA, I agree.

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  2. Servetus

    This is a classic of the Ricardian position and it sometimes even gets assigned as reading in historical methods courses. I’m not a Ricardian but this is a great read.

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  3. I loved this novel and Josephine Tey is one of my fave mystery writers. I’d rather dig Armitage as Detective Alan Grant, but this particular book would take a creative adaptation. Grant is laid up in the hospital throughout the whole book and he’s using his friends and assistants to gather information about Richard III so he can keep his mind occupied. It’s a fascinating book about how we question things we’ve learned and taken for granted. There are about five other Alan Grant novels that would be interesting on tv, too.

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    1. Even the stuck in bed thing could be interesting! Think of Hitchcock’s “Rear Window”…
      I love books than can surprise and make you question things. This is def going on my reading list.

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    1. Thanks for commenting!
      I had never either but I love the sound of it and the idea that this could be great for Richard (never mind how unrealistic that dream may be). I ordered the book via Amazon UK yesterday. 🙂


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