The Fixed-Price Sale Is Now Live #DecemberFundRAiser

The fixed price sale for the December FundRAIser has just gone live. The announcement on Guytly’s site is HERE. Direct link to Guylty’s Etsy store is HERE.

I had a few placemats made for the occasion…

…lots of ’em, so they’re not selling out as quickly as some other items are, but in the 15 or so minutes since the sale has gone live, other stuff has already sold out, so take a gander quickly if you want to snap something up!

Modified to add a quote from Guylty’s text: “Note: Some items will be published in 2 batches. If you miss out on something that appears to be sold out, come back tomorrow morning when batch 2 goes live!”

7 thoughts on “The Fixed-Price Sale Is Now Live #DecemberFundRAiser

    1. Everything is selling like hot cakes! It’s only been live for about 30 mins…
      14 placemats sold now, I see, so there are at least some left. Glad you were able to snap one up. 🙂


    1. Ah, that’s nice! This time the fixed price items will be mailed to you from Guylty’s (and not from my place), so as to combine postage costs as much as possible. Enjoy the placemats! 🙂


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