Richard on Urban movie

Richard being interviewed about the Urban and the Shed Crew movie:


The man is again being very sweet about the people he has worked with on this movie. I really really want to see it and not only because of Richard! The subject matter interests me and now he has made me extra curious about the Urban character in the movie too. I so want to see this, I wonder if I ever will.

RA interview Urban


30 Day Movie Challenge – The End!

Ok, I’m rounding this challenge off by answering the last two questions in one post!

Day 29 – A new movie you are most looking forward to

The movies I am most looking forward to are any of the new movies Richard Armitage has aleady made but that have not been released yet! I’m especially curious to see Urban and the Shed Crew…

I wasn’t able to go to the Leeds International Film Festival to see it and the movie has yet to get a distribution deal, preferably an international one. Fingers crossed it won’t take too long!

And I’m also very curious about Pilgrimage which should be released in 2016 according to IMDB!


But it looks to be quite a while before I will see either of these movies… Must stay patient… must stay patient…

Day 30 – The next movie you plan to watch at the cinema

There are two movies I really want to see that are already showing and I have absolutely no idea when I will be able to actually go see them!

First off, I really want to see Suffragette. For the story, for Meryl Streep (even though her part is small) and Carey Mulligan is said to be amazing in this!

And I want to really see Steve Jobs in which Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet are also supposed to be excellent…

Hopefully these two movies will still be playing for a while, I would love to see them in the cinema!

The End!

That’s it, the end of my 30 Day Movie Challenge (done in 27 days)! It was fun doing it; I always love to think about movies and this challenge  gave me the chance to really do that and go on and on about it. 🙂 Ending the challenge also means this is the end of daily blogging for now which, I have to admit,  is a bit of a relief actually. Schedules are nice, freedom is nicer!

Whew. I think I need a vodka now.

(30 Day Movie Challenge – the full list of questions)

Muse! … and Urban

My favourite band (possibly evah!) is the British band Muse. I only discovered them 3 or 4 years ago, I’ve seen them in concert twice now and that has cemented my love for them even more. Their new album “Drones” is coming out this week and I can hardly wait to hear the whole thing!

Here’s “Psycho” from their new album, my fave for now of the few songs of the new album that I’ve already heard:

The band are a bit pyscho themselves, I do realise, but maybe that is exactly why I like them. 🙂

If you don’t know them, maybe you do know what I think may be their most well known song “Uprising”:

And “Neutron Star Collision” was made for one of the Twilight movies:

Actually, the lyrics in this last song, make me think a bit of Reverend.. er…I mean Richard Armitage’s (a bit odd) tweet of today: “You’d like to be heard & wish others might listen or notice to you? Say something worth hearing”. I really know he means well and wants to stop bullying but that sounded somewhat random to me. Then again, I often say stuff I haven’t really thought through as well, so I’ll just move on and not linger on this. Anyway, part of the lyrics of this Muse song are about preaching:

The world is broken
And halos fail to glisten
You try to make a difference
But no one wants to listen

Hail, the preachers, fake and proud
Their doctrines will becloud
Then they’ll dissipate
Like snowflakes in an ocean

Oh, and just to be sure: I do NOT think Richard to be ‘fake and proud’…

To move from one random topic to another: a “Urban & the Shed Crew” trailer is out and although I would love to hear some of the dialogue I am already loving the images! I wanted to link to it here but I see that it is no longer available on YouTube! Luckily RAFrenzy has managed to make some lovely screencaps, check out her blog post: