30 Day Movie Challenge – Days 24, 25 & 26

Yes, doing three in one this time! As much as I am enjoying this 30 day movie challenge, I am also starting to get a little impatient with it and want to get it over with… Of course, I could not post so regularly but then this challenge would take forever and would always loom over me. I could also just quit or not answer all the questions, but I’m not happy doing that either! So, here are three challenge questions in one post!

Day 24 – Your favorite thriller

I think I’d go with a Hitchcock thriller here, he made so many excellent ones! I think the one that had me on the edge of my seat the most was Rear Window with James Stewart and Grace Kelly.

Having said that, I also have to admit that The Silence of the Lambs is definitely worth a mention as well, due to the Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster interaction! That movie was a chiller as well as a thriller. It’s usually classified as a thriller but it’s somewhat horror to me as well, which is not really my thing, and yet somehow I really liked it. I have to put it down to these two great actors that kept me watching.



Day 25 – Your favorite western

I’m not that big on westerns although I have seen my fair share. Don’t like John Wayne very much and I haven’t seen the possibly most famous western The Good, the Bad and the Ugly because, well, it just doesn’t grab my fancy… I did really like Dances With Wolves and High Noon but I think my favourite is yet again a Gregory Peck movie! The movie is from 1958 and is called The Big Country, also starring Jean Simmons and Charlton Heston. It’s about a sea captain from the east coming out west to marry a young woman but finds that her father is caught in a land-and-water feud with a neighbour. Peck is an ever righteous man who refuses to ‘prove his manhood’ and refuses to pick sides. “A man like him is very rare” says Ramon the ranch hand of the Gregory Peck character in this movie and he is right!

Here’s a little light-hearted behind the scenes look at The Big Country presented by Jean Simmons. I just love the chess playing segments! 🙂


Day 26 – A movie you feel you should see that you have never seen before

This one is easy – The Godfather! Everyone is always on about it and I really feel I should watch this but… well, it’s mafia and I don’t generally like mafia movies… I tell myself I was surprised by liking Inglorious Basterds, maybe I would also like this! And yet, I can never make myself watch it… hmm…



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Ice cold serial killer

Richard Armitage’s next role is that of an ice cold serial killer in the TV series “Hannibal”: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/tvandradio/11345281/richard-armitage-hannibal.html

I haven’t seen the show before but will try out a few episodes and see if I can bear it. I like some crime shows very much, even gory ones! I used to watch the BBC’s Silent Witness faithfully (until Leo died – I could hardly bear it after Harry left and then a year later they killed off Leo too!). That show was about forensic pathologists solving murders in London where you got to see quite some gory things. So, I can deal with some gore and I can deal with suspense but what I really do not like is horror! And Hannibal sounds like something inbetween crime procedural show and horror…

The name of the character Armitage will play is Francis Dolarhyde. When I read on the Francis Dolarhyde wikipedia page the way in which this man kills whole families, an ice cold fist grabbed my heart. I wonder if I can stomach this TV show. Then again, at the time I surprised myself for liking The Silence of the Lambs (where I first heard of Hannibal Lecter) even though I watched parts of that movie through my fingers. Of course, that was due to the excellent performances of Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins. Maybe Richard can do the same, make me like something I do not expect to like very much through his performance?

So far when Richard played baddie roles he has always been able to make me feel some sympathy towards his character. I can not imagine feeling any sympathy for Francis Dolarhyde and I can not imagine Richard Armitage being so very ice cold! So, his role in this show will be a big challenge… and I love when Richard Armitage challenges himself… and challenges me!