Home office during Corona

Just finished another video-conference-call this morning. This is the background of my dining room my colleagues have come to know.


I also wear special glasses for looking at a screen and I keep on brushing the hair out of my eyes. Guess I will need to cut those bangs myself as the hairdressers are closed and I suspect will be for a while. And oh my goodness, only when I see myself on screen like that (almost every day) do I realize how many grey hairs I already have! I have considered colouring but it’ll just be too much work keeping that up and actually I don’t think it looks too bad. It does mean that I’m growin’ old here and it’s visible.

Anyway, third week of isolation here has started. I was out and about a bit on Saturday, fulfilling my mother’s need for some entertainment but keeping my distance, but it all feels so weird. Stayed in again yesterday, had some fun looking into old David Niven movies (I can’t recall anymore how I got to David Niven but it’s been fun!) and ordered pizza in the evening with the delivery guy keeping his distance while dropping off the pizzas.

Over 10.000 confirmed cases in The Netherlands now with close to 800 deaths but it looks like the measures are working and the increase in contamination is levelling out a bit. Tomorrow we will hear whether or what extra measures will be needed or whether the measures can be decreased. Alas, I don’t think the latter will be happening. There is a real fear here that we don’t have enough emergency care beds available for the still awaited peak in Corona cases. Some care is already being shifted to Germany (thank you, Germany!) as they have offered help in providing emergency care. I wonder how long that offer can stand, though.

After the first two weeks were quite mad with work, things have settled a bit, thank goodness. Work and home life does get muddled more now that we’re all home so much. For instance, this morning, an irritated Mr Esther jr because printing paper has run out, Mini-Esther feeling like she can’t escape all those conference calls we do, a call from my mother because some family drama is unfolding on our family chat group that I hadn’t seen yet. The good thing is that I get to kiss my home-office-colleague (Mr Esther) a few times during the day, so that’s something!

So much for another Corona crisis day report. Gotta stop procrastinating and get back to work now.