New phone & filters

I just renewed my two-year mobile phone contract a little early (was due at the beginning of the new year but the offer already came in now, so I went with it) and with that comes a new phone. I didn’t really need a new phone for myself but as my father-in-law’s phone could use replacement, I decided to order a newer one after all so that my current one can go to him.

That also means a new cover (why don’t they ever make phones in standard sizes?) was needed. About time too as the old cover was fading and I had to keep it all together with staples (you can see the staples alongside John Proctor on the right edge in the following image).

New phone arrived yesterday and is installed, my new cover arrived today (with the same The Crucible painting by my mother that I’ve had for 6 or so years now and never grows old) and I’m happy as a clam that it looks so good…

The new phone also has some filters on the camera. I’ve never used filters before but decided to try them now for the first time…

I look weird, myself and yet not myself, although I’ve got to say I’m quite partial to the following autumn beard and sunglasses look. I was instantly reminded of this Richard Armitage selfie. See the similarities?

Shape of glasses and beard (without the leaves) are quite the same. I could be his bearded dwarf sister!
(Modified to add this video about dwarf women…)

Anyway, fun to have a new phone although I’m not sure I’ll ever use those filters again. Most of all I’m just happy it works pretty much exactly the same as the old one (I had a Samsung and stayed with it), that it still has Richard and Anna Madeley in The Crucible on the cover and that my Angry Birds 2 advanced score is still intact.

Richard Armitage therapy

The new second series of Castlevania has started on Netflix…

… but as much as I love Richard and Richard’s voice (and his world-weary humour in voicing Trevor Belmont), right now is not the time for me to watch this. I feel a little… I guess I could call it unbalanced at the moment. Nothing I can’t deal with, I just need a little time to settle myself again. There’s some unsettling family stuff right now and I think I’m going through some beginning stages of menopausal stuff and every time I turn on the news and I hear something from the US, it depresses the shit out of me, the latest being this ridiculous caravan fear-mongering thing. Trevor Noah expresses it much better than I can in this video.  Anyway, suffice it to say, my mood really isn’t the best of late. So, yeah, watching a possibly good but bloody and dark vampire series is not something I can mentally handle right now. I will in time, itching to hear Richard in this, but not right now.

Speaking of hearing Richard – there are so many audiobooks he’s doing now, I can’t and won’t even try to keep track. I think I am (by now famously) known for really not enjoying any audiobooks, from Richard or anyone else. Still love that he does them but they’re not for me. So, yeah, I’ll be skipping all these too. What I do love are the images that have popped up surrounding the audio books releases. This one yesterday was very nice…

RA HarperCollins tweet 2018-11-01

… but this one from a few days earlier, with Richard holding a Philippa Gregory book he narrated, is one I just love! This image prompted a fun series of white t-shirt shots from Nellindreams over on her blog, by the way.

RA HarperCollins tweet 2018-10-29It’s a pretty staged photo but I love how relaxed Richard looks with a book in his hands and the friendly look he gives us through the camera lense. He looks like he was caught reading and now seems to be inviting us in to join him. I like that.

Then, for Halloween, Richard shared this selfie of himself…

RA selfie 2018-10-31It feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a fun Armitage selfie. ✅ Approved!

And today I saw this image (tweeted yesterday by the man himself)…

RA selfie 2018-11-02

… and I think this may be one of my fave Richard Armitage selfies ever! He is recording Castlevania season 3 now and is apparently very excited about the guitars in the recording studio. The glee in his face and eyes makes me think: someone give him a good, fun rock musical to do!

Where audiowork by Richard can’t really cheer me up right now, these images most definitely can, which is why I just had to capture them all together in one blog post here. Oh, alright, and these also cheer me up…

Richard Armitage smile and laughter therapy is always good. It’s part of the getting me settled again process. 🙂

Spaced out Richard

So, this is the latest Richard Armitage selfie on Twitter:

RA Saturn

I think it may be one my absolute fave selfies of him ever! The smile, the beard, the lighting, the puzzling composition. Is this posed or photoshopped? I don’t know, it’s just such a fun image to study! Apparently taken for the upcoming Saturn Awards. He’s nominated for best supporting actor but up against J.K. Simmons who was won just about every award for his “Whiplash” role, and Andy Serkis (for “Planet of the Apes”) and Samuel L. Jackson! So, I’m not really expecting a win. But who knows! Awards will be held next week. Fingers crossed!


Ellen DeGeneres does it (and I even retweeted that one during the Oscar ceremony in February this year!), President Obama does it, the Pope does it, Pierce Brosnan does it, Hugh “The Wolverine” Jackman does it in the woods, even a macaque monkey does it (playing around with a wildlife photographer’s camera).
 38ad6-edg2bselfie f19be-obama2bselfie  c641f-pope2bselfie ab17c-pb2bselfie3eed2-hugh2bselfie 10e8f-mac2bselfie

And now Richard Armitage has joined the rank of selfie picture takers and has posted one of himself on Twitter. Almost too handsome to be true, right? I enjoyed the other selfies, but this one truly does something to my insides…