Harry & Geraldine reconnect!

I love Dawn French, I love The Vicar of Dibley and I love Richard Armitage. When I first became an Armitage fan 10 years ago and when a little later I heard that Richard would play the love interest on one of my favourite comedy shows (the aforementioned Dibley), I was over the moon! Watched it as it aired during Christmas / New Year’s 2006/2007 and have watched it countless times since.

Harry & Geraldine nose to nose

It’s my go-to Armitage role when I need a laugh and a pick-me-up. Dawn French gives me belly laughs in this, still, every time I watch it. And now today these two are tweeting each other! Dawn congratulating Richard on his Saturn win and Richard responding…

Husbands, eh? They tend to not be great at seeing changes in their wives…

Richard first had another picture that went with his tweet (which I didn’t screensave), but this one is funnier (which I did screensave, just in case). This tweeting has me wishing yet again that these two would reunite again as Geraldine and Harry! Wouldn’t it be lovely to see where they’d be now, 10 years on? My fangirl heart beats faster… I think I feel another Dibley rewatch coming up!

Harry & Geraldine hugHarry & Geraldine stolen kiss

I’m glad for these smiles today after I heard that there has been a hostage situation in a cinema in a town not far from where I used to live in Germany. We used to go clothes shopping in Vierneim, I bought my glasses there, we went skating there at the ice-rink and we went to the cinema… Luckily the situation is over now… and I choose to concentrate my energy on all the lovely Armitage news today. It’s a good day to be a Richard Armitage fan!

Another Saturn Award for Richard!

Last year I was stoked that Richard won a Saturn award for playing Thorin Oakenshield, this year the man wins again! Whoop Whoop! This time for Francis Dolarhyde in Hannibal.

Here, I cropped the Richard picture, for a better look:

RA Saturn Award 2016

Hmm, the light green backdrop doesn’t really work for him, does it? Never mind, I’m still stoked! Apparently he wasn’t there to pick the award up himself (he’s got a Mid Life Crisis movie to film after all…) but his speech seems to have been good…

Hope we can still get to see his acceptance speech somewhere… Congratulations, Richard Armitage!! Now on to the Emmys… 😉

In the meantime, I have been loving the recent picture posted after the press night for the play Wild which is playing at the Hampstead Theatre in London. Richard went to watch the play and looks so pleased and relaxed in this picture, I love it.

Wild theatre press night, Armitage and Mike Bartlett (writer)
Richard Armitage with Mike Bartlett (writer of ‘Wild’)

The Hampstead Theatre is virtually around the corner from where my brother lives, by the way! He actually takes the Swiss Cottage tube exit right next to the theatre when he uses the underground. To think that only a few weeks earlier I walked there at least twice daily while I was visiting him… if only my timing had been better, I could have bumped into The Armitage… sigh…

Keep reaching for the stars!

When I was a teen living in Germany I used to listen to AFN radio (American Forces Network). Don’t know if it even exists anymore. Anyway, I used to listen to the American Top 40 each week with Casey Casem and he always used to end the show with a line I always loved: “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!” This morning I’m catching up on my Twitter-feed in the train to work and I see that my favorite actor has actually caught a star!!! Well, a planet, technically… Richard Armitage wins the Saturn award for best supporting actor in The Hobbit: BOTFA!!! Whooppeeee! I always knew he was excellent in that role and this cements that!

In my joy (ah yesssss, and the beard is back too!) I am going to pic spam now what I gleaned off Twitter…

RA flower crown2 RA flower crown

The flower crown is apparently a Fannibal meme.

RA before saturn award RA before saturn award w B Fuller RA accepting saturn award2 RA accepting saturn award

RA with saturn award2 RA with saturn award

Yes, I’m so happy for him!! Congratulations, Richard!!!

Spaced out Richard

So, this is the latest Richard Armitage selfie on Twitter:

RA Saturn

I think it may be one my absolute fave selfies of him ever! The smile, the beard, the lighting, the puzzling composition. Is this posed or photoshopped? I don’t know, it’s just such a fun image to study! Apparently taken for the upcoming Saturn Awards. He’s nominated for best supporting actor but up against J.K. Simmons who was won just about every award for his “Whiplash” role, and Andy Serkis (for “Planet of the Apes”) and Samuel L. Jackson! So, I’m not really expecting a win. But who knows! Awards will be held next week. Fingers crossed!