30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 6

Day 6 – The first movie you ever saw in a cinema

The first movie I remember seeing in the cinema was towards the end of the 1970s when I was living in Jerusalem and my mother took me (and possibly some of my siblings as well but I don’t really remember that) to see the Cinderella movie musical The Slipper and the Rose starring Richard Chamberlain and Gemma Craven. I must have been around 7 or 8 at the time.

I posted about this movie once before while reminiscing about Richard Chamberlain (go to that post if you want to see some more delightful clips). Seeing this movie sparked a love for Cinderella stories that I am still susceptible to today and an admiration for Richard Chamberlain.

I could have written about this movie in yesterday’s category as well (‘A movie that reminds you of someone’) as I always have to think of my parents when I see this. My mom loved this movie as I did (I think she had a crush on Richard Chamberlain too) and my dad’s nostrils would quiver with pleasure when he watched the “Protocoligorically Correct” song. I even still have the accompanying hard cover children’s book, worn for having been read so often, with beautiful full colour images of the movie that my mom gave me as a present around that time.

Richard Chamberlain is so charming as the prince, I can watch him forever in this! Michael Hordern is a wonderul scatterbrained King, Kenneth More is a lovely, pompous Lord Chamberlain and Annette Crosbie is the bubbly, ever so rushed and overworked Fairy Godmother. Cinderella (Gemma Craven) is admittedly almost too sweet but that doesn’t hinder the fun! She’s the pink princess any 8 year old would love (except my daughter who unlike me never liked princesses).

OK, yes, the film is very sugary, I do realize that, and I can understand that many people would find that a bit much to bear. But there are also some nicely fleshed out characters that make me laugh every time (I mean, come on, I defy anyone to not enjoy that silly king and the pompous Lord Chamberlain) and the cleverly rhymed and fun songs (despite two or so very sappy ones) make this movie such a joy to watch! I think it is mostly a forgotten film now and I find that to be such a shame…

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Fluff(y chests)

Life is busy at the moment – very busy with two work projects that are fun but are eating up a lot of energy and then there’s also family life that keeps me occupied. Added to that I’ve been having many restless nights ever since my dad died, some with horrible nightmares, although I am happy to say those are lessening now. Anyway, all of that leaves me a little drained and tired and I can’t make myself write long and thoughtful posts on here… So, I’ll stick to fluff for now.

What kind of fluff, do you ask?  Well, fluffy chests, I guess! Although the one is way more fluffy than the other…

I’ve been downloading and rewatching all sorts of Richard Chamberlain stuff that I hadn’t seen or thought about in forever! And I’m having a ball also reading up on him a bit online. And then I came across this picture that I remembered loving some, oh, 25 years ago or more! I think I may even still have it in an old “Films and moviestars” scrapbook I have…

Richard Chamberlain beach

It wasn’t neceessarily just the bare chest and strong arms that I loved. It had more to do with the casual posture and the expression in the face. And such a handsome face!

Something in that Richard Chamberlain picture reminds me of this Richard Armitage picture…

armitage proctor @washbasin 5

I have never enjoyed those bare-chested-men calenders. I mean, I can appreciate a nice looking body but those pictures don’t do much for me. These two do! I think it may have to do with the emotion of the faces combined with a strong yet somehow vulnerable image of the body. Maybe it’s the almost childlike sitting on your knees thing – I don’t really know what it is, but these two images do something to me…. perfect fluff for a late Thursday afternoon. 🙂

Oh, and while we’re talking fluff – this one just now springs to mind as well (Pierce Brosnan in ‘Laws of Attraction’)…

PB Laws of attraction - fluff

“This is very frivolous, Esther!” my dad would say. And I would laughingly and wholeheartedly agree. 🙂

Richard and Richard

So, I have been a bit out of it of late and there is a bit of catching up to do. What did I miss in Armitage-land the past few weeks?

The day of my father’s funeral The Crucible download became available – I think that’s the only Richard-thing that made it through the fog of the past few weeks. That night I started the download, went to bed and voilà, the next morning there it was, all downloaded and ready (I’m one of the lucky ones with a problem-free download, I realize now)! A few days later, by way of trying to get my mind set on other things, I watched some bits of The Crucible here and there – still so very powerful even on the small screen! I couldn’t take it all in on top of everything else, so I left it at that… the fog is clearing a bit, so I hope to watch it all again in its entirety soon!


Other than that I now see that more has been going on in Armitage-land. There was “Nipple-gate” (is there really such harm in admiring the physical attributes of Mr. Armitage next to his acting talent?), what looks like the end of Hannibal filming, start up for filming Pilgrimage and announcement of further cast members (does anyone have any clue where in the Belgian Ardennes region the filming will take place?), the burial of Richard III (yes, I know that’s a different Richard, but there’s a link…) and yesterday Andy Serkis beating RA in the Empire awards acting category (maybe Richard didn’t win because I didn’t vote more than once?).

With all the talk of this Richard, honesty dictates me to say that the past week or so another, older Richard has re-captured my attention… he was possibly my first crush ever! I am speaking of Richard Chamberlain. I know, the mind boggles but I find that I still find him quite appealing. Let me explain how he popped up again after many many years…

In order to get my mind on more cheerful things my daughter and I went to see the new Cinderella film by Kenneth Branagh a week ago. In hindsight not the most cheerful choice as 3 (yes three!) parents die in this adaptation! Sigh… but it was still cheerful and happy enough and it made me think of my all-time favorite Cinderella film. I don’t think that film was very widely known; it was called “The Slipper and the Rose” starring… Richard Chamberlain! When I was about 7 years old I went to the cinema with my mother (and possibly some siblings and maybe even my father, I can’t remember) to see this film. Very saccharine in parts but also a lot of fun! Especially all the scenes at court with a scatterbrained King, a pompous Lord Chamberlain, and the scenes when the prince wants to be two people:

or dances on his ancestor’s graves:

And I do so enjoy the romance of that first dance the prince and Cinderella share:

We watched “The Slipper and the Rose” several times since then as a family, it must have been on German TV as we didn’t own a video recorder at the time. My father, not a movie lover by any means, simply adored the “Protocoligorically correct” song. It’s a very definite highlight of the film and I can still see him watching it with his nostrils quivering, as was his way when he was utterly amused!

So, yeah… Richard Chamberlain… I also remember loving him in The Thorn Birds and in Shogun that we watched as a family as well (yes, even my dad!). He was The Count of Monte Cristo, The Man in the Iron Mask and he was in The Four Musketeers. He even played Raoul Wallenberg, which I have seen once but never since. I really liked him in my early teens, I know my mother loved him (in hindsight he may have been ‘her’ Richard, just like Armitage is ‘mine’) and I know my dad liked watching the things he’d done. And when I researched Richard Chamberlain the other day I realized that he’s only 2 months younger than my dad, his 81st birthday is tomorrow! Wow.

So, for me watching some of Chamberlain’s work again, brings back fond memories of my dad. He links to my dad… just as Richard Armitage does in an Oedipus complex kind of way!