The #RA50Auctions afterparty

The charity auctions for Richard Armitage’s 50th birthday ended almost two weeks ago and Guylty has already apprised us of the overwhelmingly wonderful result. The funds have been transferred to LOROS Hospice and all was long done and dusted when I arrived home from my holiday last Sunday. Once I walked through the door and glanced at the accumulated mail, I found that the fun wasn’t over by any means as my own haul from the auctions had already arrived! All bills and boring mail were thrown to one side as I unwrapped my little treasures.

I was extremely happy to receive the The Martian Invasion Of Earth cd from Nokisuu that I had won in the auction, accompanied by a very lovely hand-crafted card. I think it’s the first time I have ever received mail from Finland.

I had another envelope waiting for me from Guylty, which contained a lovely Richard Armitage special delivery tag from Kate that I had bought and plan to use as a bookmark and other small goodies were included as well, such as a few stickers and a lovely Urban and the Shed Crew shrine card…

I had also bought a textile collage with a quote from Uncle Vanya from Guylty’s fixed-price sale and I had bought that for a very specific reason. For about a year and a half I’ve treasured my Uncle Vanya programme booklet that most of the cast had signed for me at the stage door last year. It was sitting in a case and what I really wanted to do was frame those two pages with signatures. However, framing just the pictures with signatures seemed meaningless without mention of what play it is from. So, I had already planned to cut up the booklet and also use the title page but as it’s not that easy to find an (affordable) elongated narrow picture frame to fit 3 pages side by side, I knew I had to use something bigger in a standard size. This meant that I would have a huge gap in my planned picture frame and what to fill that with? Then the auctions came and when I saw the fixed-price items I finally knew what to do with that gap.

Today I found an old wooden frame in the attic with a background I had once painted dark red way back in the 1990s. I finally cut up the booklet and, in addition to the signed pages, I used the title page, my own ticket to the play and that textile quote collage to fill the frame. This is the end result and I’m quite pleased…

I may yet decide to get another frame because this one, along with the red background, looks a bit dated, but then again Dr. Astrov is all about wood, so it does seem somewhat fitting in a way. In any case, I’m very pleased to have that quote collage to complete my little framed Uncle Vanya collection! Now finally those signatures are not hidden away anymore.

So, yes, I’ve been having my own private #RA50Auctions afterparty and it’s been fun. I’m also already getting ideas for the Christmas auction, if there is to be one…

Party on seems a fitting sentimemt.

Our holiday & #RA50Auctions

It’s a bit strange turning 50 during these pandemic times. My 50th last year and my husband’s 50th this year were both celebrated in lockdown at home, with few visitors and no big parties possible. We’re not big birthday party people, I never go big on birthdays, but 50 did feel a little special. I had originally wanted to throw a “We’re 100!” party last fall, when I was 50.5 and my husband was 49.5 years old, but alas, due to lockdowns and a virus that has been killing so many people, that was not possible. So, with all the 50th birthday partying that has not been possible, I’ve got to say that partying online for Richard Armitage’s 50th has been extra fun!

I was not able to follow everything in detail, as I am away on a family holiday in France in the Loire-Atlantique / South Brittany region, but celebrating Richard’s 50th with the online birthday auctions has been extra exciting this year. It was always going to be fun and exciting but then Richard reached out and donated an item of his own, the Guy of Gisborne leather jacket, and that was the little cherry on top. So, from our holiday in France, I’ve been doing my best to follow what I could and join in the celebrations.

While walking around in Rennes on August 18th…

… Mr Esther, mini me and I watched the last few minutes of the jacket auction on my phone and we saw the price jump up almost €2000,- at the very end! We were amazed. The jacket sold for a whopping €6333,- (!!) and Richard seemed pleased as well:

Then on the 19th, after a short afternoon visit to the little town of Redon with a nice cup of tea there…

… and a swim after with mini me in the indoor swimming pool right behind our cottage, I was at the laptop about 15 minutes after the fixed price items went live. Man, so many items went like hot cakes! I had two things in my basket and by the time I got around to paying, one of them was already gone. After paying for the one leftover item I picked another second item, so I’m happy with that too. I also had another interest in these fixed-price items as I had donated some magnets to the sale, 36 of them…

… and they too were all sold out within a few hours at €5 per magnet. That’s another €180,- that can go into the donation pot for LOROS hospice!

Yesterday on the 20th, which was also the final #RA50Auctions day, we visited the beautiful city of Vannes (I think my fave town so far on this Loire-Atlantique/Brittany trip)…

We drove by a castle and a pre-historic menhir…

… and on the grounds of the pre-historic cairn of Petit Mont…

… after looking around there, I switched on the #RA50Auctions on my phone to follow the last minutes of the item I wanted to win, hoping that I wouldn’t be pipped at the post. I was lucky that I was not and that my item remained within my financial reach…

Yes, I really wanted that Martian Invasion of Earth cd and I got it. 🙂 To my regular readers here that may sound surprising as I don’t normally enjoy audiobooks at all, not even Richard’s. But this is no ordinary audiobook, it’s more of an audio play, with different actors voicing different characters and I loved it when I first heard it after purchasing the digital version. I’d actually been considering getting myself a physical copy as well (as I often end up doing when I enjoy something) and I also like the look of the cover, which was an extra incentive to buy. So, this item was perfect for me and I am really looking forward to receiving it. I was also bidding on some other items but let them all go in favour of this one. Luckily the price remained affordable to me.

We drove on to have some drinks at a nearby seaside town…

… and there I watched on my phone to see how the Richard Armitage playing cards would do that I had donated to the auctions. I am very pleased that the playing cards have done so well. Thank you so much to the very generous buyer! That is another great sum for LOROS!

We ended the day at St Gildas de Rhuys where Abelard (of 12th century Abelard and Heloise fame) had been an abbot for seven years. We only planned to drive by on our way home but the church was still open, so we took a peek inside, and we found a nice spot to eat dinner there as well, so we stayed.

I made some time to immediately pay for my Ebay win (ah, the wonders of mobile phones and 4G networks these days!) and with that rounded off the mingling of Armitage birthday celebrations and our holiday. It’s been fun! However, I am signing off for a little while now from Armitage fandom and Armitage blogging. OK, I may pop in on the man’s actual birthday tomorrow but I also have uninterrupted sightseeing to tend to, and books to read and family to focus on.

So, In case I don’t say it on the 22nd: Happy 50th birthday, Richard Armitage and here’s to many more years in health, happiness and surrounded by love! I hope the LOROS donation gift is a good one for you. 🙂

Rest of #RA50Auctions are live!

After a lot of hassle with Ebay, Guylty has managed to persuade them to allow the rest of the auctions to go live as well. Kudos to her! The party already began with the Guy of Gisborne leather jacket going on sale two days ago (bidding price is at €4.450,- right now 😲) and now it’s on to bidding on the rest of the items, if you can and want to. Let the fun begin!

Check out what’s on offer HERE.

I have donated one last set of Richard Armitage characters playing cards to this special auction in celebration of his 50th birthday, the same set I had donated to the Christmas auctions last year. This really and truly is the last available set (I have no secret stash of sets left), so if you’re interested, it’s the last chance to snap these up on Ebay. Good luck and happy bidding if you are so inclined.

As for me, I am now off to see if I can snag one of the other awesome items for myself. Do I hedge my bets or put all my money on one item? Ah, choices, choices…

#RA50Auctions: Guy of Gisborne Costume Auction NOW LIVE!

Just half an hour into the #RA50Auctions and the Guy of Gisborne jacket is already up to over €3500,- in bids!!! Where will this end? I am amazed and very excited. It’s already achieving an astronomical price and there are still 2 days and 23.5 hours left before the auction ends. This will be so excellent for the LOROS charity where these funds will go to, I am really happy that this has had such a flying start. Onwards and upwards and happy bidding to all the bidders. 🙂

Guylty Pleasure

Do I need to say more? We are kicking off the RA50Auctions with a bang! The Guy of Gisborne costume generously donated by Richard Armitage himself is on sale via auction NOW. A huge big thank you to Richard for supporting the cause this way. Our donation will go to LOROS Hospice Care.

This is the direct link to the auction:

You can follow the auction on eBay – it will end on 18 Aug, 2021 15:09:47 BST

But please take a minute to read this post (or come back to it later) – for the item description, some additional information on authentication and shipping, and some notes on the auction process – to make sure you know exactly what you are (potentially) bidding on.

Item description:

Gloves, belt and sword not included!

On offer is an original piece of film costume, the iconic leather jacket worn by…

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Au revoir

I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting these coming two and a half weeks. Tomorrow (or rather, today, as it’s after midnight) Mr Esther, mini me and I will be driving to France for our summer holidays. We’ll be staying in Paris for two nights, after that we go to a holiday cottage near Nantes for two weeks and on our way back home we’ll stop in Paris again for another night there. I’m sure I’ll be online and posting some holiday pictures now and again but other than that I suspect I’ll not be very chatty on other blogs or social media.

I will make sure to try to check in on the Richard Armitage birthday auctions starting on Sunday, though. Guylty has given a lovely detailed description of Guy of Gisborne’s leather jacket and today has written a teaser for some other items that will be going up for auction! As mentioned by Guylty, I have contributed another Richard Armitage characters card game. I had two sets made specifically for these charity auctions; one sold last year Christmas and the one that is coming up for auction now will truly be the very last one on offer. Hope it will fetch a good price again.

Back to our holiday: suitcases are packed, snacks and drinks for on the road are good to go, camera batteries are charging, passports are packed, our Corona check apps are up-to-date so that we can prove that we have been vaccinated, face masks are packed, the neighbour has had instructions on cat care (she’ll be taking care of our cats, like she does every year, until Junior comes home from his holiday in Portugal in 10 days time), the house is in reasonable tidiness and the laptop will be packed in a few minutes right after I post this.

It’s just after 1 am now. I’m off to bed in a few and in about 15 or 16 hours we’ll be in Paris. I’m so excited to really be travelling again and actually leaving the country!

Au revoir et à bientôt!