Corona hair & encouraging figures

Yay! My Friday afternoon 3.30 pm video meeting was cancelled! Of course there are a million other things I could do, but hey, why not shoot out a blog post instead, I thought?

Just before starting this post, I came out of a close to two hour phone call with someone who had all sorts of questions. She was so glad to be speaking to someone that she took the opportunity to ask about a hundred other questions as well. At least I left her happy, and that’s always good, right? I thought the call would be a short one, so was going to eat lunch after, but instead lunch didn’t happen until just a little after 3 pm (after also emptying and refilling the dishwasher). Yep, I had chocolate sprinkles on small matzoh crackers…

Not sure why I have the headphones in, probably habit once I sit down at my work laptop. Anyway, Mr Esther is growing his corona age beard and I decided to just let my hair grow as well and see what happens. Getting quite long now, which means I’m brushing my bangs a bit to the side now. Befitting the age of 50, it’s also getting greyer and greyer and I admit I kinda like the grey! We’ll look like real hermits once lock down is completely over, like this guy in Monty Python’s Life of Brian… I’ll have that hair and Mr Esther will have that beard…

This week further easing of restrictions have been announced here in The Netherlands as of July 1st as the figures of Corona containment here have become encouraging. We’ve have a few days in the past week with no Corona deaths at all, as shown in this graphic I took from the article I just referenced.

With the easing of restrictions, the 1.5 meter distance rule still holds true and work from home, if in any way possible, is also still encouraged. This social distancing thing does work when people stick with it, so we’ll be sticking with those rules a while longer. We do have a 4 week holiday coming up in a few weeks’ time and have decided to rent a self-contained holiday cottage in the south of The Netherlands for 10 days. Mr Esther jr will probably have to work at the hotel he’s interning at but may come down for a weekend to join Mr Esther, mini-Esther and myself. We can continue social distancing in such a cottage and we can nip into Belgium and Germany if possible but will still be close enough to home should things change, restriction wise.

So, all I can say in closing is: stay socially distanced, stay safe and hope that the Corona vaccine will come soon (first human trials have already started)! Oh, and get back to work Esther, enough mucking about…

#StayAtHome music

It’s just after midnight here, so this qualifies as a Sunday post now.

Mr Esther and I were catching some of the news on German TV and at the end they showed this wonderful clip of the Serbian National Theatre Orchestra playing together via conference call.

More artists have been singing songs or giving stay-at-home concerts on social media, from Pink to Coldplay to John Legend and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Vulture has a a whole list you can scroll through and pick up whatever you fancy:

This is when the internet and social media are totally cool, I just love this. Happy Sunday listening everyone!

Modified to add that the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra here in The Netherlands has also made a video together playing Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”.

This could be a new orchestra trend in the making. 🙂

First week in quarantine

So, we’re a week into this whole social distancing thing and I can’t say I’ve had a boring moment. At work I coach people to work with Microsoft Teams, a unified communication and collaboration platform, that is relatively new for our organization. As you may guess, it has suddenly become one of the most important apps right now with everyone working from home. So yeah, it’s been busy, especially on Monday and also on Tuesday for some of the day. Things slowed down a bit and then yesterday it was a madhouse again with requests for help. So, working from home has been really busy for me.

Mr Esther has been busy too with work but for him it looks like things will really slow down soon and dry up a little. Mr Esther jr. wasn’t able to go in to his hotel internship because he had a cold that has now subsided. The internship has now ended and there’s no school, so he’s had a lot of free time. Well-deserved, as (apart from weekends) he hasn’t had a single break since last summer. He does have some reports to write up. Mini Esther had no school on Monday and Tuesday but on Wednesday some lessons started up again via, yes, the Microsoft Teams app as well! She has an exam week next week that she will be attending under strict regulations at school.

It’s pretty busy at home, with all the video conferencing going on, but we also have time to lunch together, which we normally hardly ever do. Mr Esther got us some kibbeling (battered and fried fish chunks) to share the other day.


The supermarket was pretty empty at the beginning of the week (yes, here too the toilet paper has been plundered)…

… but it’s been a bit better of late.

My younger brother came back to The Netherlands from France a few days ago before that country shut down. He’s been staying with my mother and has been sorting through all sorts of stuff in her home, tidying up. He sent this picture that he found today of my dad, Mr Esther and our son, a picture I took about 18 years ago and had apparently given to my mother.


At the time we were visiting my parents who were living in Israel again for a few years. This is such a typical pose for my dad! Life is going on around him while he is lost in a newspaper. It made me laugh.

Mr Esther came across this image today by a Dutch comedian called Jochem Myer. The text says “Day 6 of the quarantine. The Myers are doing fine!”


I guess it’s good our kids are a little older. 🙂

So, we’ve been in the house all day every day, keeping ourselves occupied. I’m still in Doctor Blake mode and despite my confusion about the main actor, I couldn’t resist making a fan video about the relationship between Lucien and Jean.

Yes, I am really into this at the moment, it can’t be helped. Just for the heck of it, I’m also sharing another fan video made by someone else that highlights the comedic aspect of the show. For a smile during these quarantine days it’s worth a look.

Work, family time, and Doctor Blake have passed the time nicely but being stuck inside is a little challenging. So, we have taken turns grocery shopping and we’ve also been outside for walks to stretch our legs while also keeping away from other people. Today was the most beautiful, sunny day of this whole week even though it was chilly. I was on my own for my walk, listening to music on my headphones and just loving the views, with nature starting to show signs of spring…

Week one of this quarantine wasn’t so bad for us. On to week two!