American Idiot coming to the UK

So, Trump is coming to the UK and the British are deploying their sense of humour to protest him. First, there’s the big baby Trump balloon that will fly over London…

There is little chance Trump will actually see it because he is avoiding London during his visit, but the man is aware of this, it’s been all over the news, so in my eyes the protest has already succeeded. I read today that there is a petition to also fly the baby balloon near the golf course in Scotland that Trump will be visiting. Ah yes, peaceful protests such as these really make me happy!

What I also love is that there is a campaign going to make the Green Day song “American Idiot” (originally about George W. Bush) number 1 in the UK during the Trump visit.

The song is already climbing the charts, so it’s already working. I don’t know if the song will make it to number one, but just all this talk about it and the surrounding enthusiasm, makes me happy.

Yesterday Richard Armitage tweeted a little protest himself, protesting a US Embassy statement telling Americans to watch out for the British…

RA Twitter protest

In my experience in London and in Europe there is no animosity against Americans in general, there is animosity against such an idiot president! If anything, I always experience great sympathy for Americans who have to deal with such a man as their president. Americans do get questioned on their view on how such a man was elected but I have never known any animosity against Americans just because they are Americans! This US Embassy statement is yet again an example of how divisive this US president and his government are. There are daily examples of how divisive Trump is, yesterday’s NATO summit was another display of Trump’s ignorance and insults.

I really wouldn’t be able to bear meeting such a man because I’d have no hope of a positive outcome for such a meeting. Bullies just can not be reasoned with, is my experience. I truly can’t understand how anyone can support such a man. I know many of the arguments and feelings of why people support him and I understand the underlying concerns, but there is no way in my mind that Trump is an effective answer to any of those concerns. (Note: If you are a Trump supporter please don’t try to convert me in the comments or on Twitter, there is no convincing me that this man is doing any good in his country or the world at all! You won’t convince me and I won’t convince you, so let’s leave it at that).

This evening Mr Esther junior and I are going to an Eminem concert. Eminem is also very anti-Trump…

He’ll be in London the coming weekend, so I wonder if we’ll hear any protest from him when he’s there as well.

Should Trump ever visit The Netherlands, I’ll be there, protesting, because in my eyes the man is a danger to the world. Meanwhile, from behind my laptop, I wholeheartedly support all humourous and peaceful protests against him!

Fight for your rights!

I wasn’t able to make it to a march yesterday but I have been looking at reports about the protests with a great sense of joy and hope. Let me join in the protest here online and share some of the most awesome signs I saw on my Twitter and Instagram timelines…



Pete Souza, White House photographer, posted this understated message and I have to agree with him..


And to round it all off, apparently my favourite actor Richard Armitage marched in New York as well yesterday. I am so happy about that!


These protests give me hope, also for my own country, where there were solidarity marches for the US (and for women’s and human rights) in Amsterdam and Den Haag.

The populist right is also popular here. It’s ironic how several European populist leaders, including our Dutch one Geert Wilders, have recently met each other in Koblenz; European cooperation between populists who are anti-Europe? Interesting… Anyhow, just protesting is nice but it needs to be followed by actions as well and for us here in the Netherlands that also means: go and vote in March!

Oh man, I wish I could stop posting about politics but somehow this feels like the most defining time in history in my lifetime. My core values and democracy and human rights are under threat and I find I just can’t stop myself from writing about some of this stuff…