Funny Face

I’m on a blogging roll today but then there are so many goodies to share! So, I was eating my Armitagean cake today and checking instagram which offered mostly new Colin Firth goodies.


Colin is in full Bridget Jones promotion mode right now. He was doing press in London last week and has just been in Venice. The pictures from these events are just… well have a look!

So, here are Colin’s funny face pictures from when he was doing press in London!

These funny faces made me think of this Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn number from the movie Funny Face 🙂

But I digress… There was one picture in London where Colin smiles and it just made me think of Mr Darcy smiling at Elizabeth Bennet singing at the piano in Pemberley in 1995’s Pride & Prejuice.

CF London Darcy smileColin Firth Darcy 1

Then Colin went on to Venice and there are some lovely shots of him interacting with fans:

There also was suave Colin in Venice…

… and some more funny face Colin…

… but my favorite picture is this one…

CF Venice07

It’s such a sweet picture, he has such a lovely and soft look about him in this one. To quote Fred Astaire from the song above: “I love your funny face, your sunny, funny face!”

Tonight is the Bridget Jones’s Baby premiere in London, so I may come back with more pics tomorrow… 🙂

Richard Armitage in China

My favorite picture of Richard’s recent press tour in China:

RA-2015-01-19- China


I don’t know what it is – the thoughtfulness with a hint of smile, the fingers to the lips like he is going to blow a kiss? In any case, it is my favorite image from this press tour. Can you even imagine him as an ice cold serial killer in Hannibal? I can hardly wait to see the transformation…