Noo-Noo Wall-E

Those of you who have kids, may know Noo-Noo, the robot vacuum cleaner from the Teletubbies…

Mr Esther and I do not like doing any household chores and vacuum cleaning is one of the worst. Usually Mr Esther does it but as he also hates it, the vacuuming doesn’t happen nearly often enough. We’ve been able to save a little and finally decided to invest in our own robot vacuum cleaner. It arrived yesterday and oh my goodness, it’s so cute! Ours is not as versatile in what it can do as the Teletubbies’ Noo-Noo but we have quite fallen in love.

Mini me has christened our little robot Noo-Noo and we’re thinking we may even acquire some googly eyes in time to stick on it. Noo-Noo is controled through an app on our phones. It maps out the whole downstairs area and you can select which area you want to have cleaned. It even goes underneath the couch and other furniture that is high enough off the ground. Mr E has programmed it to vacuum certain areas every other night but we can send out Noo-Noo for a cleaning task in any area at any time we want to if we think it’s necessary. This floor is going to be cleaner than it’s ever been before.

Junior has decided to name Noo-Noo Wall-E instead, after that other cute movie robot.

This little robot is already a very popular new inhabitant in our home, although we’re not sure yet what the cats will do when they finally encounter Noo-Noo Wall-E at 2.30 am at night on their own.

I’ve got to tell you, I’ve never been this enthusiastic about a household appliance before, now even I will enjoy vacuuming. It’s certainly going to be a popular little party trick to show people who come to visit our house. 🥳 Now, if only there was a robot to do all the laundry folding, I’d totally get one of those as well.