And a graduation as well…

Not only was it our son’s 19th birthday today…

This evening we also had my daughter’s secondary school graduation ceremony. Socially distanced, so only two people from the same household were allowed to come. That meant sadly that our son couldn’t attend and the grandparents couldn’t either, but at least Mr Esther and I could go.

The director of mini-me’s school section gave a speech, the school principal had taped a video speech and then after that every graduating kid got their own little speech from the class mentor. Our daughter’s speech was about her being very lively with her ADHD and how that didn’t keep her from getting very good grades. Mini-me is going on to higher level secondary education and the teacher commented on how that should be no problem whatsoever for her. She also added that mini-me is easy and fun to talk to.

After all the speeches for each kid, the diplomas were signed and we had to leave again; mini-me was guided onto the red carpet, of course.

We of course had to celebrate such a day, so we went out for dinner afterwards at an Argentinian restaurant my son had picked out for us to eat at. We sat in a nicely secluded, socially-distanced corner and had lovely food.

It was a good end to a festive day.

19 today!

My baby boy (oh, I still remember the day he was born clearly) …

… is a young man who is just as tall as his father now…

I love to see the young man he is now becoming, he’s a good one. 🙂 Happy 19th birthday, boefje!

On the beach

This coming weekend my son was supposed to fly to the Spanish island of Menorca to start a 5 month internship at a hotel there. Due to Corona that has very sadly been cancelled and he needed to find a new spot to do his second internship here in The Netherlands instead. The hotel he did his last internship at (he finished there 2 months ago) e-mailed him a week or two ago and asked him if he wanted to come back. Not at reception, like last time, but this time for the health center where he would have to help guests with their sporty leisure activities. My son spoke with school, they said it was OK if he wanted to try for that and today he had his interview, which was really a formality. He’ll be starting there on June 1st.

The hotel he’ll work at again is in Scheveningen (the beach town that is part of The Hague nowadays), so my daughter, my son and I drove there at the end of this morning. On the road to Scheveningen there were signs warning people to not go to crowded places.


We dropped my son off at 11.30 am and my daughter and I took some time to walk on the beach. It was a nice day, somewhat clouded this morning but not cold.

The tall building is the hotel my son will work at

The sight of Scheveningen beach was saddening. Normally Scheveningen is very busy, with lots of cafĂ©s on the beach filled with people and on a nice day like today the beach itself would be getting pretty busy as well. Today, at lunchtime, it looked like this…


Everything’s closed and looks deserted. When we looked out to sea we saw more ships than normal anchored out on the sea. It’s cheaper to stay anchored out there than be in the harbour. We thought we detected at least two cruise ships.


There were people walking around but everyone was spread out so it was very easy to keep that 1,5 meter distance. We walked for about an hour, me on my Birkenstocks and my daughter barefoot.


We stopped at one beach restaurant that was only open for takeaway to get ourselves a drink and something to eat…


All the furniture is still stacked up. Things will be re-opening from June 1st, but even then only with distance measures in place. It’s almost eery seeing Scheveningen like this. On our way back home my daughter commented that while we are getting used to these new times filled with combatting Corona measures, it still does all feel quite surreal somehow.

Family over fandom

Yes, I’ve been seeing more Toronto pictures of our Richard in my alerts and feeds but it’s family (and friends) over fandom at my house and it’s been busy. We’ve been to a friend’s house for a high tea for her birthday (and yes, these are all self-made goodies, so we baked some cupcakes and sausage rolls)…


With another friend of mine (once colleague) and an ex-colleague I went to see an Open Air Grease singalong, which was a lot of fun.

My daughter has taken up football (soccer to American readers), she just started training a few weeks ago and has games on Saturdays now which I go to. She has come a long way through some very difficult times and is in such a great place. It makes my heart burst with joy to see how much she enjoys football and she seems quite a natural at it as well. Team coaches are extremely pleased to have her, in any case.

My son has been playing handball from a young age. At 18 he now does his own thing  but we still like to go watch him play and cheer him on when he’s playing at home as he did last week on Sunday (in the white with number 10 on his back).

On Thursday evening my daughter and I went to the theater along with my mother, my older sister recently returned from Japan, my brother, his daughter, my younger sister and her girlfriend, some of her children and friends. The girlfriend, through contacts, had been able to score a load of free tickets to the Dutch version of the musical Anastasia. Musical was well-done but dragged a little sometimes. Still, great to have an evening out all together like that to a very well-staged show.


Friday after work (yes, I had work going on as well, which has been busy too) we went to my mother’s again to see my younger brother who was visiting from abroad and today, Saturday, was filled with chores. So, as you can see, barely time to fangirl over Richard! However, a few hours ago fangirling was back on as we happend upon Richard Armitage on our TV screen!

So, while half watching that, I multi-tasked and collected all the remaining Armitage at TIFF images I could find. I’ll post those in another post as this one is long enough! In the meantime, I’ll just leave with this…

RA TIFF c 2019-02a

… and fangirl more on blog hopefully tomorrow. 🙂

Fortune cookies

We opened two fortune cookies yesterday. My daughter already experienced the first one on a class trip to Berlin a few weeks ago…

… and I’m looking forward to experiencing the second one…

But first we have this one’s 18th birthday party this afternoon…

Happy Sunday all!