Colin, Richard and a nun’s blessing

In the midst of a diplomatic row between Turkey and The Netherlands (elections here in two days, this is apparently the best time for rows) I like to focus attention on more positive things. So, here are a few pictures I’d like to share from the past weeks…

Captivating Colin Firth graciously and with big smiles received roses (it looks like he’s hugging them too!) and a kiss from a fan, all nicely caught on camera a few weeks ago:

He was also seen in a turtleneck sweater (I love turlenecks!), filming scenes for the Love Actually revival for comic relief, which will be shown on the BBC at the end of next week, I believe!

I am already looking forward to that!

In addition there are also Richard Armitage pics to share. First off a quick sighting this past weekend at JFK, with Richard striding by in a flash (thanks for the find, Servetus!)

Richard JFK march 2017 crop

Whereas there are regular Colin sightings at airports, there are only a few Richard ones, so I really lap these up! There were also some riveting Richard pictures, shared last week, of him with Michelle Forbes and Tamlyn Tomita and dogs…

RA march 2017RA2 march 2017

Apparently shared on Michelle’s instagram account, I first came across it via Moose Turd’s twitter. Especially that first picture with the three of them laughing with the dog has me riveted… A very nice and handsome man laughing with women and a dog – it hardly gets better than that!

And there’s more feelgood stuff! Last night was the season 6 finale of the BBC’s Call the Midwife. One of the main characters, Shelagh Turner (played by Laura Main) gave birth to a baby. After the baby was delivered by Sister Julienne (Jenny Agutter), she smiled and said the following blessing (I have put the words on my screencaps):

Call the Midwife Aaron's Blessing

I am not religious but this blessing (called Aaron’s blessing, from Numbers 6:24-26 in the bible) is very special to me. It’s a little longer than the part Sr Julienne says…

The Lord bless you and keep you;
the Lord make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you;
the Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace.

… and it was my dad’s favourite blessing to say to his loved ones. He said it at my wedding, at my oldest brother’s grave and every Christmas to all his grandkids.

In all the turbulence of the news out there right now, it is comforting to know there is still (memories of) happiness and warmth to go around. 🙂

Richard, Berlin, Love & Muse

So many Richard Armitage goodies these days, I can barely keep up! I skip through and read and watch videos (THANK YOU, Servetus and Perry for your constant updates!) but don’t get around to commenting or writing much…until now. I’ve just got to share my highlights of the past week or so or else I’ll burst…

8 days ago there was Berlin Station press in New York, with Richard again in (more casual) blue and grey. They really are his colours, aren’t they? I do really love him in that! Also loved the grey shoes and the shade of blue of his coat is absolutely gorgeous! I really enjoyed the expressive shots taken of Richard during that interview he did…

There were also pics of him with Michelle Forbes which were fun (although I do admit to Michelle feeling a little scary to me, I don’t quite know why…)

From the Love, Love, Love play there is even video footage, with great glimpses into the play! You can watch it HERE. I already hate, hate, hate that I won’t be able to go to New York to see this – I so hope a filmed version of the play will be viewable sometime!

There was an interview with TV Guide about Berlin Station which I enjoyed more than the other interviews I have seen… including the charming way in which Richard corrected the pronunciation of his name:

And a few days ago this image surfaced, which I absolutely love, love, love! It’s already right up there with some of my fave shots of him ever.


But this interview with Richard Armitage had me squee!! OK, I already knew he liked Cate Blanchett, and Love in an Elevator in the shower I seem to recall having heard of before as well, he has mentioned The Goldfinch before but that was quite a while ago, and House of Cards as well, I totally agree on bigotry (which may be my biggest allergy as well), I too love Rome (in part due to the movie Roman Holiday, I even visited locations from that movie when I last was in Rome a few years ago), I had never heard of ‘Angel Delight’ before (not that I recall anyway) and it’s a pity that he prefers coffee over tea (I just don’t like coffee myself), but what made me squee was this:

Who is your favorite musician or favorite song? At the moment my favorite band is Muse. I am just maybe into them and I don’t know why, and there is a song called Butterflies and Hurricanes which is really cool.”

To regular blog readers, you may already know that I love Muse, that they are my absolute favourite band! When Richard referenced Muse in a tweet on his birthday I already shared my giddy happiness over him sharing a Muse song. I have since wondered whether sharing a link to the Starlight song was just a one-time thing. Did he just like that one song or does he just like a few Muse songs or could be possibly even be a Muse fan? Well, I got my answer here! Muse is Richard’s favourite band too! Squeeeee! I don’t quite know what he means by “I am just maybe into them” but Muse seems like a recent discovery for him. He may not stick to them in the long run but for now he has mentioned them as his favourite band and I am so psyched about that! So, it’s not just the one song, he’s pretty serious about Muse… for now. That’s my man. 🙂 Oh, and Butterflies and Hurricanes really is a very cool song… Richard has good taste!

Should he ever wish to see them live I would more than gladly take him to a concert! I have seen Muse live three times already, they are at their very best live and they are totally worth it. Wouldn’t that be a cool date? 😉

Handsome Richard in LA…

Richard Armitage did a Q&A in LA for Berlin Station with co-stars Leland Orser and Michelle Forbes last night… He posed for a picture infront of Berlin Station posters and… oh…my… goodness, just look at it, with that cheeky little smile!


Yep, I’m sold! There are more pics…

… and then some fooling around with Leland Orser and Michelle Forbes which make for some lovely shots…

… with this following one as my fave…


That leaning in thing is extremely sexy, I find, as are the touching hands of Richard and Leland! Another sexy picture is this next one, taken during the premiere the night before with Tamlyn Tomita leaning against Richard, his arm encircling her waist… yeah, I’d hold on to him like that as well…


And while I’m at it, 3 more pics from that premiere night…

The man looks so extremely good in blue and grey that I need to remind myself to keep on breathing! He’s fine, he’s very fine indeed… 🙂

This and that

Gosh, I really do have a lot of internet stuff to catch up on! But first had to finish this Miss Fisher video set to a Fred Astaire song. I felt the lyrics quite suited Jack’s story. 🙂

I have always loved Fred Astaire! Here, have him and Ginger Rogers on roller skates!

In other news: the first new Bridget Jones movie trailer has been released (Bridget Jones’s Baby). I’m not sure what to think of it. It all seems such a rehash of the the first two movies… Of course I will have to see it when it comes out because of, well, Colin! And Emma Thompson is in it too! But I don’t know if I like this whole “I don’t know who the father is” scenario…

There are some Richard tidbits too… looks like he’s had a fun Easter…

And now there’s Armitage & the chimps (sounds like a 60s band name)! Richard seems to have joined yet another cause, going by a tweet picture posted by his co-star Michelle Forbes…

Armitage & the chimps

No idea what this is about yet, and I love Richard’s good heart, but his cause-supporting is all over the place, influenced by whatever project he is working on or whatever co-star he is working with. I wonder which cause is truly closest to his heart?

Outta here, real life beckons…