“Take your broken heart…”

As inauguration day in the US draws nearer and nearer, my already heavy political heart grows heavier and heavier. I saw two videos today that mirror my sentiments pretty much exactly on that front.

The first video is from one of my favourite actors ever, Meryl Streep. It’s probably all over the news in the US, I haven’t watched actual TV news coverage here yet, but did come across it in a news feed on my phone. While accepting her Cecil B. DeMille award for acting at the Golden Globes last night, Meryl’s speech was heartfelt and very political, criticising Donald Trump without actually naming him…

Maybe it wasn’t the right platform to make things political but I loved this nonetheless! It touched me deeply and I love the sentiments expressed in her speech.

Another video that touched me deeply was this one called  “Yes we can” with people, famous and not so famous, summing up their favourite Obama moment.

For me, my fave Obama moments were about him embracing diversity – religious diversity including reaching out to the Muslim world, sexual diversity or cultural diversity. He talked about diversity when he first became president and it has become a theme in his whole presidency which is also a theme very close to my own heart!

Now, after 8 years, a change is coming. I always thought it couldn’t get worse than George W. Bush in the White House, but it has gotten worse – Donald Trump is almost president! That will affect the whole world in what I expect will be a very negative way. Absolutely nothing Trump has done since the election has calmed my fears in this respect. So, I mourn Obama leaving and I take heart in people like Meryl Streep who stand up to inhumanity, injustice and intolerance. She says at the end of her speech, quoting her friend Carrie Fisher/Princess Leia: “Take your broken heart, make it into art”.

My heart is broken for the state of the Western world, where isolationism is starting to take over, where tolerance and humanity are being pushed aside. I’m not sure blogging is art, but it certainly is expression and when my heart breaks like this, even over politics, I just need to express myself and create… blog posts! I really don’t want this blog to become all political but sometimes the heart overrules it all and a post like this happens…

Thank you Meryl Streep for your heartfelt speech. It makes my heart heal a little when I know there are people like you out there.

Meryl Streep GoldenGlobes 2017.png

And thank you Barack Obama for being the most awesome US president in my lifetime.


I wish you could have achieved even more!


30 Day Movie Challenge – The End!

Ok, I’m rounding this challenge off by answering the last two questions in one post!

Day 29 – A new movie you are most looking forward to

The movies I am most looking forward to are any of the new movies Richard Armitage has aleady made but that have not been released yet! I’m especially curious to see Urban and the Shed Crew…

I wasn’t able to go to the Leeds International Film Festival to see it and the movie has yet to get a distribution deal, preferably an international one. Fingers crossed it won’t take too long!

And I’m also very curious about Pilgrimage which should be released in 2016 according to IMDB!


But it looks to be quite a while before I will see either of these movies… Must stay patient… must stay patient…

Day 30 – The next movie you plan to watch at the cinema

There are two movies I really want to see that are already showing and I have absolutely no idea when I will be able to actually go see them!

First off, I really want to see Suffragette. For the story, for Meryl Streep (even though her part is small) and Carey Mulligan is said to be amazing in this!

And I want to really see Steve Jobs in which Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet are also supposed to be excellent…

Hopefully these two movies will still be playing for a while, I would love to see them in the cinema!

The End!

That’s it, the end of my 30 Day Movie Challenge (done in 27 days)! It was fun doing it; I always love to think about movies and this challenge  gave me the chance to really do that and go on and on about it. 🙂 Ending the challenge also means this is the end of daily blogging for now which, I have to admit,  is a bit of a relief actually. Schedules are nice, freedom is nicer!

Whew. I think I need a vodka now.

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30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 17

Day 17 – Your favourite drama

Oh, there are so many dramas I love, I find it hard to pick! I’ll take any drama with Meryl Streep (like Sophie’s Choice or Out of Africa) and Colin Firth made a few excellent ones in recent years (A Single Man, The King’s Speech or The Railway Man). I love Schindler’s List, Forrest Gump. The Shawshank Redemption, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, It’s a Wonderful Life, Gandhi, Rain Man, The Last of the Mohicans, Lincoln, The Reader, Titanic, The Artist, other movies I mention throughout this challenge and so many many more! However, the one I may have re-watched most often (let that be the deciding factor in this category) is probably Dead Poets Society.

I was on a study trip in the US in the summer of 1989 when some of us went to see this movie. I hadn’t heard of it before, had no idea what to expect and was totally blown away by it. This movie had a profound effect on me at the impressionable age of 19 and it is still deeply rooted within my heart. When Robin Williams died last year my heart broke and this was the first thing that came to mind:

Thank you, Robin Williams!

The wonderful thing about this movie challenge is that it reminds me what movies I want to re-watch and this one is going high up on the list of movies I want to show my kids!

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30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 10

Day 10 – Least favourite movie of your favourite actress

My favourite actress, I have a few! I love Ingrid Bergman but haven’t seen enough of her Italian/European movies to judge and I love Audrey Hepburn and have seen almost everything she did but can’t really think of what I didn’t like her in. But there are more favourite actresses… I love Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet, Judi Dench, Kristin Scott-Thomas. The actress I admire most, however, must be Meryl Streep. To the dismay of my husband who seems to have a Meryl Streep allergy…

Meryl Streep is one of the greatest actresses ever, I am always in awe of her ability to disappear into a role. I love her. I think I have seen most of her movies and almost everything she does is worth watching, even if the movie she is in may not be all that. I say ‘almost everything is worth watching’ because there is one movie that is a bit of a cringe and that for me is 1989’s She-Devil.

she devil

It also stars Roseanne Barr (I quite liked her Roseanne tv show at the time) and Ed Begley jr.

I am all for women empowering themselves and this story is about one such woman, Roseanne, taking revenge on her cheating husband and his lover and finding herself and her strength in the process. Meryl Streep played the over-the-top romance writer and lover that needed to be taken down.

I remember watching the movie in the cinema (and once or so a few years later)  and doing my best to like it but for starters the acting just wasn’t great. I remember Roseanne being very monotonous and Meryl doing her best at being over the top but I really could not find the humour in that. I mean, I know the audience was supposed to hate her, but there was nothing for me to hate or love or even smile at. She just made me shake my head and cringe. To think that Meryl Streep could make me cringe and not in a good way! I did root for Roseanne to succeed and was happy enough for her when she did but no, in my recollection this movie was not the funniest of comedies. It really was a bit of a miss for Meryl who at that point had started a dip in her career, looking for different kinds of roles to challenge her as she was tired of all the drama she’d been doing. Luckily she recovered from that dip to give us many more excellent parts to admire her in!


(30 Day Movie Challenge – the full list of questions)