Richard Armitage… in spandex?

First we get Twitter spoilers from the man himself on his Twitter account with guitar in hand!

Then we get some really clever sleuthing fans ferreting out that Richard has started following the @MidLifeMovie page on Twitter, a page for an upcoming movie called Mid Life Crisis! The excitement grows when he starts following more Mid Life related pages and the movie page follows Richard back! So, the evidence is really mounting… The synopsis on IMDB says about this movie: “Four friends reform their high school band to finally capture their dream, and in the process become an overnight sensation as the joke entry on the UK’s biggest talent show.” And yes, I am slowly allowing myself to get excited for this! This sounds like it will be something very different from what Richard has done before and a light-hearted movie for a change as well! Sounds like the man is challenging himself yet again.

I remember when another favourite actor of mine announced he would do a singing movie. Yep, Colin Firth in Mamma Mia. I know it’s super kitsch and people are either in the hate-it or love-it camp for this one. I’m in the love-it camp, despite it being over the top and the singing not quite living up to expectations all the time. My love for it has a lot to do with the (mid life) cast of the movie and I admit I really liked seeing Colin doing his sweet little song on the boat – also with a guitar in hand!


And, come on, who didn’t crack up at Colin, Pierce Brosnan and Stellan Skarsgard  strutting around in spandex during the end credits?! That alone was worth the price of the movie ticket!

Mamma Mia spandex

So… my question… dare I hope to see Richard in spandex in his Mid Life Crisis movie??? I mean, these men were in their mid life crises as well, after all. A girl can dream…