Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been dropping by to read here over the past year, you all make this blogging thing extra worthwhile! From one of my absolute favourite Christmas movies, let me share this…

… and I am rehashing last year’s Richard Armitage / Colin Firth Christmas greeting again this year, because I like it so much. 🙂

BoE Holiday greeting 2017

Happy after-Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa or anything else you may or may not celebrate! Sending all my love out in the world to you all!


30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 3

Day 3 – A movie that makes you feel happy

So many movies make me feel happy! Watching feel-good movies is my drug of choice when I’m feeling down and my preferred feel-good genre is a good, fun romantic story.

Of course I’ve already mentioned Roman Holiday on day one of this challenge and some other favourite romantic comedies are When Harry Met Sally, While You Were Sleeping, You’ve Got Mail, Pillow Talk (that’s an old one with Doris Day and Rock Hudson), Ninotchka (another even older movie with with Greta Garbo and Melvyn Douglas), Bridget Jones’s Diary or Notting Hill. A recent favourite that I first saw not too long ago is Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day and I also love the recent British romcom Man Up (that I have also already once blogged about here). Two other romantic movies that make me feel all warm and happy are musicals: Enchanted with over-the-top romantic Amy Adams makes me laugh and I love the English-Bollywood retelling of Pride and Prejudice called Bride and Prejudice. The joy of the music and the fun that just shines through everything in that movie just lifts my heart but maybe I also love it because of Naveen Andrews who always reminds me of my younger brother. Oh my goodness, as I type I can think of more and more but I’ll just have to leave it at that!

Anyway, there is one feel-good romantic comedy that I think makes me happiest of all and that is Love Actually! It has so many stars in it, I can’t even list them all here. Lady  Butterfly also mentioned it as her go-to feel-good movie in her movie challenge and I’ve got to say, I totally agree!

I love each and every storyline in it! Some are funny, some are heartbreaking and all stories are so beautifully crafted and beautifully acted and in some way or other cleverly inter-connected too! I’m trying to think of one performance that is my favourite and I find it hard to pick… Of course, I’ve got to make a special mention of Colin Firth here, as he is such a favourite of mine and I love him in the role of Jamie, and a special mention as well for Emma Thompson, another favourite of mine, who was heartbreaking in her part (the scene of her crying in her bedroom gets me every time). However, everyone else (Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Bill Nighy, Martin Freeman, Laura Linney etc. etc. etc.) is so excellent as well!.


When I need a pick-me-up I go to this movie and pick and choose scenes to watch and it’s rarely the same ones. Every time I pick different storylines to follow and every time they deliver. I smile, laugh out loud, feel heartbroken, wipe away a tear and when it’s over, I feel good! I also love watching the very beginning and the very end of the movie in the Heathrow arrivals hall with all these people, total strangers to me in all shapes and forms, hugging each other. Love truly is all around, despite recent events in the news that would almost have you believe the opposite. And where there is love, there is always hope!

So, I can highly recommend this movie to anyone who hasn’t seen it already and if you have seen it, you can relive some of the great scenes here:

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