Yannick Bissoning it

I’ve been a bit of a downer of late and by of late, I mean that it’s been going on for a few months. The vertigo I had (thankfully all gone now) didn’t help, depressing weather and shorter days in wintertime didn’t help (I always have a bit of the winter blues), job dissatisfaction didn’t help, a year in lockdown didn’t help and not moving enough probably didn’t help either. Now with the days thankfully getting longer again, I try to get out more, like during the walk I posted about earlier this week. I’m getting tired of walking, though, and so today I Yannick Bissoned it (yep, I invented a new verb)!

Yannick (him with the dreamy brown eyes) is a mountain biker. He bikes on The Murdoch Mysteries

… but most of all he’s a biking nut in real life…

On his social media he posts little biking movies…

… and, inspired by Yannick, I found myself thinking that with the weather improving a bit, I should really go biking again as well. It’s something different than taking all the same old walks all the time. I don’t do the adventurous mountain biking that Yannick does but The Netherlands isn’t anything if not a biking country and it’s easy to step on your bike and just go. So, Yannick Bissoning it (biking and filming along the way) seemed the way to go.

Lockdown measures have been prolongued here to mid April at least (Corona cases are on the rise again and vaccinations are not moving quick enough), which means we are all still limited in our movements. Biking is not limited, though, and so at the end of the afternoon I stepped on my bike again for the first time in many months and biked into town. I have no leg muscles left to speak of, so I decided on a leisurely pace. I have also not been into our town centre for months, so it was nice to just bike to and around there for a bit. I made some gifs from the few short videos I made (had to hold it in my hand, don’t have a camera fixed on me like Yannick does).

I plan on Yannick Bissoning it way more often now as the weather improves. It will be good to build up a little stamina again as well and, as I do so, maybe I can take some longer bike rides by the time the weather really gets warmer. Time will tell…

It’s been a year

A year ago today I went to the office building I work in for the last time before going into lockdown. On Thursday afternoon, March 12th, we were all glued to a TV screen at work, watching breaking news announcing that the country had to go into lockdown. Even then I don’t think we were completely aware of how serious all of this was for all of us but we very soon learned. I went in to the office on Friday morning (Friday the 13th!) for an hour or two because I had an appointment to explain to two colleagues how to work in Microsoft Teams, already learning to do so by keeping a little distance between them and me (how important that software would become, starting on the Monday after lockdown started!). The office was already virtually deserted that day. I went home again for lunch and haven’t been back there since.

At the time I couldn’t imagine that being in lockdown would last a year! I was going to write a whole retrospective on observations and lessons learned but I had a bit of a difficult day yesterday and I find I can’t bring myself to do more looking back today. All I can say is that I’m glad I didn’t know then that this would last so long because I don’t know how I would have survived such a prospect. I do know that now with vaccines rolling out all over the world I have hope that we can hug people again in the forseeable future, that we can go out to restaurants, cinemas, theatres, concerts and museums again, that we can travel again and live life instead of just making do and existing. I hope that by March 13th 2022 this period in time will all be a memory, that we will never lose anyone due to this horrible virus again, that we can recalibrate and change the things we now realize we need to change and protect the things we missed most during this lockdown year (and a half?). The end is in sight, I hope.

Quarantine continues

We’re just about ten months into Corona quarantine now. We see a handful of other people/family (socially distanced) on occasion but most of all we’re in and around our home, for work and for most of our free time as well. We go for walks, like today, with the sheerest, thinnest sheet of ice on the water. Alas, it isn’t cold enough for the ice to become thick enough to stand on.

As we’re in quite a strict lockdown now, everything’s closed and there’s nothing much else to do outside the house than that. In all that time, I’ve only had my hair cut (a bit) once, so it’s grown quite long now, the longest it’s been since my early twenties, which means I can now even braid it again…

Vaccinations have started here this past week but it will be a while yet before it’s our turn. Mr Esther has asthma, so he may be called in for a vaccination first (just checked, they say from February) before the kids and I (from April/May). Already, they aren’t sure whether this schedule can be adhered to, it all depends on enough vaccines being available. The number of hospitalizations and positive tests here aren’t falling fast enough…


… so there is every chance this stricter lockdown will be extended after January 19th. We have quite a way to go yet, so I guess it’s just best to not look too far ahead. Speaking of the short term, what would really make my week next week would be if Donald Trump were indeed impeached and kicked out of office – not likely, but I live in hope.