Richard in 2019 – my fave pictures

I was just going through some images I saved of Richard this year and thought I’d post my fave ones of 2019 here.

I’ll start with screenshots I took of him in Berlin Station, season 3. Techincally they are from 2018 but I only braved watching the first 2 episodes of season 3 at the beginning of this year (never bothered watching the rest) and I made these screenshots. I really liked domestic Daniel Miller in bed with Esther Krug (Mina Tander)…

… and this image was my favourite:

Berlin Station s03e01 RA (4)

Suffering Daniel looked good…

… as did party Daniel with Valerie Edwards (Michelle Forbes):

Berlin Station s03e01 RA (47)

But that’s pretty much all I enjoyed about Berlin Station season 3. On to other pictures…

At the end of January Richard was at the Sundance Film Festival for The Lodge (a movie I have yet to see, even though I’m not too keen on it or the genre). He didn’t look so comfortable with his co-star so I have no pictures with her that I liked, but I did like these:

He looked more at ease with Amy Ryan and Mindy Kaling, whom he had worked with before…

At the beginning of February he did the Hannibal Red Dragon Con in London, which gave us these lovely images that I really liked. He often looks best when he interacts with people (as opposed to just posing):

I saved this picture of him that I really liked in March, although I’m not sure anymore what the particulars were surrounding this image:


There was a lovely candid taken on a plane during the filming of The Stranger at the beginning of May:

RA on a plane 2019-0502

In August more lovely travel pictures of Richard arriving in Seoul were shared by fans. I, like many others, instantly thought, “ah, grown up Harry Potter!” and found them adorable:

There was a fun The Stranger wrap picture:

2019-08 RA The Stranger bts wrap

And on his 48th birthday on August 22nd, Richard shared this sweet childhood picture:

2019-0822 Childhood picture posted on 48th birthday

My brothers totally had that same haircut in the 1970s (yes, that’s me aged 3 on the right)!


In September, Richard was at the Toronto International Film Festival, premiering and promoting My Zoe with Julie Delpy. My fave images:

And these two daddy-Richard stills from My Zoe made my heart go pitter-patter:

I also liked this September image of Richard in New Jersey at the Audible office there:

RA Innovation Cathedral 20-9-2019 (02)

This image of Richard in October at a charity function with a guy called Jim Gibb had him looking so relaxed and happy:

2019-1021 Jim Gibb and Richard Armitage attend the 13th Annual Golden Heart Awards -gettyimages

And most recently in December I enjoyed these images of Richard at a screening of The Stranger in London (I love that he is in this with Jennifer Saunders!):

I also quite liked his Christmas message photo:

RA Christmas 2019

But my absolute favourite 2019 photo of Richard, one of my fave ever of him, is this one from October taken by Dr Gotts:


This image I just can’t get enough of! Maybe I should have it signed at the stage door if I am fortunate enough to meet him there after the Uncle Vanya play next year? In any case, I adore the longer hair and beard, I think this is my fave Richard Armitage look. If he starts 2020 continuing to look like this, then maybe that is the sign of a good year coming up? 😉 I sure hope so, in any case! For him, for us, for everyone…

Fangirling more Richard @TIFF!

Finally, a week and a half after the fact, I am getting around to my more-fangirling-Richard-Armitage-at-TIFF post. I already fangirled a bit here, but more delights of Richard at the Toronto Film Festival came in after that and I’ve been clicking and saving images like mad. As always, you can click on the smaller images in this post to enlarge them.

There was an extra image I hadn’t seen yet of Richard in his first TIFF outfit. I didn’t think the yellow did anything for him but I was looking at his face mostly anyhow.

Then came pics or Richard in a second purple suit, my fave suit of the suits I saw him wear there.

I loved the background in this picture and the way Rich leans against that wall with hands in pockets.

RA TIFF c 2019-02a

Nobody puts Richard in a corner? Yeah, little Dirty Dancing reference there, but apparently he does corners well!

Even Julie Delpy joined him in his corner. That smile in this following picture reminds me of the selfie-smiles he tweets out that always look a little off to me. Maybe it’s the way he looks into the camera?

RA TIFF c 2019-06

There was more posing with Julie:

Portraits with a dark background:

Portraits with a light background:

Portrait seduction is complete!

There were some images of an interview with Julie:

And final funky pics infront of a mirror. I really liked that solo one.

There’s a video interview: and some screenshots from that:

Fellow fan Cyn over in Twitter was at TIFF and shared this video interview after the screening of My Zoe which, beware, contains spoilers:

And this video about the ending of the movie, which also contains spoilers!

Also this image:

Just before I wanted to hit post, I saw this video pop by which has Richard and Julie sitting on that couch as in the interview pics above, the Variety interview:

Couldn’t resist, took ‘a few’ screenshots:

And last but not least, these shots from the My Zoe movie (source) showed up:

RA My Zoe 02RA My Zoe 01

Oh man, Richard holding his movie daughter like that does all the right things to my heart! I’m really curious to see this movie.

All in all, not such a bad haul, right? 🙂

MTA: I just found the whole video of the Q&A after the screening. I’ve only watched bits and pieces but beware, there are major spoilers here!

Richard pics to dream about

Before I head off for bed (early for me on a Saturday night, but it’s been a long day and I hope to be under the covers just after midnight which is in about 2 minutes), I have been scouring Twitter for Richard Armitage at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) pictures for the premiere of My Zoe.

I came across these pics first of Richard leaving South Korea (source):

Looking very nice, I’ve gotta say!

He’s in Toronto today and posted a selfie. I then saw two other pictures in the same outfit as well.

I guess he changed after for the actual premiere of My Zoe, in a blue suit (that almost looks purple in a certain light) with a weave patttern. The colour of the suit brings out his eyes nicely. The stylist sure has been having fun with Rich today!

There were also pics of Richard with Julie Delpy, star and maker of the movie:

And there’s been a Q&A afterwards…

First impression of the movie seems to be good!

Fellow fan Cyn seems to be there, maybe we’ll hear more from her as well of her impressions:

I am heading off to bed now, just as the first autograph signing pictures come in (source):

I wonder what goodies tomorrow will bring!

Richard’s back to making me smile…

Richard Armitage has been really busy these past few days on Twitter and Instagram and it has been making me smile.

There  was a touching thank you to everyone who supported the LOROS hospice fundraising in memory of his mum…

RA thanks for LOROS 5-6-2018

Over £10.000,- (!!) has been raised for the hospice that cared for Margaret Armitage in her final days! It is still possible to donate here.

He’s also been retweeting a lot of Ocean’s 8 promotional material, which I won’t repeat here. I do love the tweets with personal comments, though! He posted his inspiration for his role as Claude Becker in Ocean’s 8 (the second idea really made me laugh!) and ended with a little cheeky reference to James Corden

RA insta O8 inspiration 4-6-2018RA insta O8 inspiration2 4-6-2018RA insta w JC and dogs 4-6-2018

… and he shared some dad jokes (his own dad’s jokes) which really made me smile…RA dad jokes tweets 6-6-2018

He explained a ‘man-free’ comment in an interview on his part in the female Ocean’s 8

RA on being part of female O8 7-6-208

(the interview is here). I love how he observes in that interview:

“Calling Bullock the “driving force” behind the franchise revival, Armitage applauded Ocean’s Eight for portraying a team of women who work together rather than against each other.
“They collaborate with each other, enjoy each other, have fun with each other,” he said.
“At no point are they pitted against each other, which I think is really great and unusual, because often writers like to see women fighting with each other and bringing each other down.”

That comment makes me even more curious than ever to see Ocean’s 8 myself! I also enjoyed reading how he loves working with Julie Delpy on My Zoe right now…

RA Julie Delpy 7-6-2018

Richard championing women makes me smile as does his quirky sense of humour like when he went on to connect World Ocean’s Day to the Oceans movie…

RA insta world ocean's day 7-6-2018RA ocean's tweet 7-6-2018

He gushed about Anne Hathaway who apparently really made him laugh…

RA Anne Hathaway tweets 8-6-2018

(I’m very curious about the vegan soup thing) and yesterday he shared a tweet of himself during filming My Zoe with brown eyes…

RA brown eyes 8-6-2018

Gotta say, those brown eyes suit him! As a girl I always wanted to have brown eyes myself, they are so much warmer than the blue-green eyes I have.

It’s been a long time since Richard has made me smile on social media, since he has showcased a bit of his humour like that, and I’ve gotta say I’ve been loving it. And Ocean’s 8 is apparently good fun too, so I’m looking forward to seeing Richard be part of that fun when I go see the movie next Wednesday! Offical release for the movie here in The Netherlands is June 21st but it’s showing as a ‘Ladies Night’ feature in several cinemas here next Wednesday…

O8 ladies night

Tickets are booked, I’m going with a friend and am very much looking forward to it!

I feel a London trip coming on!

Richard Armitage did a Q&A in Paris today. Here are some pics of him doing publicity…











… and here is the Q&A, up on YouTube!









Nice little interview and there are a few things there that I am glad to have learned!

  • Mr cat still lives in Daniel Miller’s apartment, Richard thinks, and he may have a computer chip in his head.











  • Richard wants to do a musical and play a rock star in a movie! Kinda like he once did in that ‘My Celebrity Boyfriend’ photobook many years ago, I imagine…

RA celebrity boyfriend

  • Aw, he likes David Bowie! He’s not a true fan but fan enough. And he pronounces the ‘ow’ in Bowie as the ‘ow’ in ‘how’ whereas I pronounce the ‘ow’ as in ‘low’. His fave Bowie song is ‘Ashes to Ashes’. Yep, that’s a good song! David Bowie died 2 years and one week ago and I still miss him….








  • Richard wants to act with Elizabeth Moss (I still need to watch The Handmaid’s Tale, I hear good things)…

Elizabeth Moss… and of course he’s looking forward to working with Julie Delpy. My Zoe is still on the cards, albeit delayed.

Julie Delpy.jpg

  • He’d like to do more phantasy like the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman (I’m not familiar with that trilogy) and he would do Tolkien again, but not sure he’d be a dwarf again.
  • ‘Paris will always be Paris’ Richard says, which reminds me of this Casablanca scene. I love Casablanca.






  • Richard likes “gratin dauphinois” which I agree is nice but I haven’t tasted in eons…


  • And most excitingly of all: he’ll be doing a play soon and we’ll find out about it in the next couple of days! I feel my next London trip coming on and quite soon at that! Woohooo!!!! 🙂

He was also promoting Berlin Station in Paris yesterday…











… and my fave picture from yesterday is this one:

RA 16-1-2018

Hair lighter, he looks a little less thin, a lovely smile on his face and crinkles around the eyes. He looks so friendly! I have read comments on Twitter that he looks tired but I’m not sure he looks any more or less tired than usual to me. In any case, I love this picture!

Haven’t gushed over Richard in a while but I am very glad to do so now. 🙂 And  I’m sure there will be more gushing in a few days, once we find out more about the play he’ll be doing. Can hardly wait!

MTA: the first picture I shared was apparently a photo manipulation by MatKhal on Twitter, I had totally missed that! She let me know what the original picture is: