Yay for Richard!

Guylty has announced the results of the #HoHoHolidayFundRAiser and they are even better than I expected: € 4.452,29 for the LOROS hospice! What a lovely Richard Armitage Christmas gift this is. I had a thank you card made to accompany the socks with red wine tea set and the magnets I have donated and sent out. As a thank you to all you donors and bidders and winners and signal boosters and likers and just general enthusiasts, here is the front of that card for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks to all for helping to raise such an excellent sum!

In other Richard news, Uncle Vanya has picked up a few ‘What’s on Stage’ award nominations. I’m so very pleased that Richard has been nominated too…

Tough competition! I’ve got say I’d also be partial to James McAvoy winning this (I saw his Cyrano in the cinema and thought he was so excellent in it) but first and foremost I really hope that Richard wins. He gave such a poignant performance which gained extra significance during this pandemic, something that became even more clear in the filmed version. His Dr Astrov proved to me yet again why he still remains my favourite actor. So yes, congratulations to Richard on this recognition! It is well deserved.

Aimee Lou Wood has been nominated…

… and the play has been nominated for ‘Best Play Revival’.

I’ve got to say I’m surprised Toby Jones wasn’t nominated because I thought he was just as good as Richard was. Just for that, I think he at least deserves a picture here…

Via the links in the tweets above you can vote for Richard and Aimee Lou and the Uncle Vanya play, so please do so if you are so inclined.

This really is a good news Thursday. 🙂

Notes to self…

… when next sending out orders after any fundRAising event:

  1. Be sure to first sort orders per name before packing them.
  2. Be sure to pay better attention to how many copies of a magnet someone actually ordered. Check and double check.
  3. Be sure to wait out late orders and special requests.
  4. Be sure to never tape shut an envelope until you are actually ready to send everything out.
  5. Maybe invest in having stickers made with your own address instead of repeatedly having to write out your sender address over and over again.
  6. Do not ever attempt Cyrillic script.
  7. Don’t send a package to the USA with DHL, it’s twice as expensive as the regular Dutch postal service! I found that out while purchasing the mailing label ahead of time online. I had sent something through DHL within the EU a few weeks ago and that was perfect with free track & trace, which made it a little cheaper than the regular postal service track & trace package. Apparently that is not the case when sending to the US.
  8. Guylty does this TWICE a year?!?
  9. Continue to love the fact that Richard Armitage fans are such an international bunch!
  10. A glass of wine at midnight after an evening of packaging is a must.

So, yes, I spent yesterday late afternoon and all evening packing all the Richard magnets and the red wine set from the #HoHoHolidayFundRAiser.

I had sent out magnets before but the numbers were different this time. When you see it all laid out like that in the end, it doesn’t look like that much work but looks can be deceiving. Still, as a one-off task it was quite fun to do (even if I did waste a couple of envelopes because I had to re-open and then re-address them). I have developed an extra admiration for how Guylty does all this with a much, much larger volume of orders. I am no way as efficient as she is but even with her efficiency, getting all the items together and sent out like she does is a mammoth task. Kudos are due! I’m in awe. I think next year, if there is another auction, it will be prudent to send some Richard-elves her way to help her out.

Anyway, it’s all ready now and I’m really glad I was able to chip in like this. And yes, I’d do it all again. I hope to be able to get to the post office this afternoon to actually send everything on its way.

To all recipients: thank you again for your generosity and for helping to aid LOROS and happy holidays to you! For those amongst us who are Jewish, the holidays have already begun as today is the fifth day of Hanukkah. Chag sameach to those who celebrate! Here, make and have some latkes…

… and I hope everyone will have a nice holiday month this December.

Richard Armitage is magnetic

I’ve been pretty busy, so didn’t get around to blogging about the magnets I had made for the fixed-price sale of the #HoHoHolidayFundRAiser! In honesty, there isn’t that much to blog about. After the excitement of the birthday auctions and that lovely video that Richard posted, I wanted to preserve something of the fun. I had made a lot of screenshots and then, boom, the magnet idea was born. Two magnets with each two images on them of this magnetic man…

There are still magnets available in Guylty’s Etsy shop HERE. As I type this, there are 4 Cupcake-RA magnets left (my personal fave, on the left) and 6 Close-up RA magnets.

Guylty has already e-mailed me the list of recipients for the orders that came in up until yesterday. I am packing them this evening and tomorrow and hope to send them off tomorrow or on Saturday at the latest. So, go on, snap up one of the last few magnets if you haven’t already, all in aid of LOROS hospice.

Fixed-Price Sale Is Now Live #HoHoHolidayFundRAiser

Be quick and get yourself a nice little item in the #HoHoHolidayFundRAiser fixed price sale. 🙂

Guylty Pleasure

I now declare this bazaar open. 😂


Or read my blurb first, if you have time.

This is the first batch of the fixed-price sale! We have an amazing number of items on offer for you, all for fixed-prices. There are 18 different offerings, made or designed by fans, for fans. Multiples of the items are available – some more, some less, but a total of 200+ individual pieces. All prices are per 1 item, and include postage and packing. You can buy multiples of the same item (via the “quantity” button in the individual listing) – or put several different items into your shopping basket before you pay. That will make the shopping process easier and faster for both you and me 🙂. You don’t have to register for an account there in order to buy on Etsy! In order to save on shipping costs, I will try…

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#HoHoHolidayFundRAiser Day 3 And Seven Hours To Go

Be quick and you can snap up some lovely Richard Armitage fan items in the last hours of this #HoHoHolidayFundRAiser auction!

Guylty Pleasure

Good morning, all. We might have a thriller on our hand today. Overnight, things have moved slightly, but not yet across the hoped-for watershed. Bummer.

Yep, I had to make this especially. The hardship.

But let’s not fret. The countdown is now on. We have about 7 hours until the auctions finish – and usually there is a hot finish. In case you are still looking for a Christmas present for yourself, here are some suggestions for you.

Items below €20

Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing Into the Storm DVD
€ 5.00
Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing North and South - DVD
€ 12.50
Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing Ocean's 8 DVD
€ 15.50
Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing Strike Back Pack
€ 16.50
Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing Uncle Vanya script
€ 19.50

Items below €30

Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing The Other Queen Audio Book CD
€ 26.50
Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing North & South Book
€ 28.00
Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing The Murderer's Son Audio Book
€ 28.00
Item photo. Show listing details page. Listing Authentic Love Love Love (2016) Playbilll + magnet
€ 29.50

Apart from these lovely items, there…

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