Helen Keller speaks!

Long long ago, as a teen, I came across the story of Helen Keller, who as a blind and deaf-mute girl was taught to communicate through sign language, she learned Braille and was even taught to speak by her teacher Annie Sullivan. I read Helen Keller’s autobiography “The Story of my Life”, I saw “The Miracle Worker” film (the one with Patty Duke and the later one with Melissa Gilbert in a TV movie) and loved how a troubled child’s mind and soul was opened up and set free through the gift of learning to communicate with the outside world! Helen Keller was a remarkable woman.

I haven’t thought of Helen Keller in a long long time, but the other day I was alerted (through a social media feed) to this video and was immediately so struck by it:

Helen Keller talking and there is video footage too! Apparently it’s not new footage but it was new to me,

And: there even is a whole YouTube channel with Helen Keller footage…


I am pretty busy right now, but I sure know what I will be doing with some spare time I have these coming days (apart from listening to the love poems read by Richard Armitage): watch actual Helen Keller footage!