Richard Armitage in character

So, this blog post by Guylty inspired me to collect some of my own fave in-character photos of Richard Armitage. No screencaps, just photos, and only one per character. This means that I have just spent a lovely 90 minutes or so going through my own saved pictures and pictures on Ali’s excellent Richard Armitage site (that alas seems mostly dormant now).

So, my Richard Armitage fascination started 13 (!!) years ago, when Richard played John Thornton in North & South:

John Thornton

When I met Richard at The Old Vic’s stage door in 2014 he even signed this picture that I have on a little poster I made, which hangs in my bedroom…

John Thornton signed

To this day John Thornton remains an absolute favourite character of mine that Richard has portrayed.

Next up: Harry Kennedy in The Vicar of Dibley. This picture together with Dawn French as Geraldine Granger just makes me feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy inside – that huge smile and that profile! Sigh…

Harry Kennedy & Geraldine

I was never a huge Guy of Gisborne fan, even though Richard was quite magnetic in this Robin Hood adaptation. This following photo of Richard as Guy is heartstopping, though. I’m a sucker for an instense Richard profile picture.

Guy of Gisborne2

Lucas North in Spooks is next. Again, not a favourite but this picture makes me think he could be sitting right next to me at work, and what a joy that would be, right?


Strike Back, with Richard as John Porter, was a character I did enjoy. It was a little tough picking a favourite photo, but I settled on this one. I’d let him drive me anywhere…

John Porter3

Richard as Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit was another high point for me! I love this picture…

Thorin Oakenshield

And I have to add one more. For the premiere of the final installment, The Battle of the Five Armies in 2014, you could tweet to a certain account and receive an automated digital signed autograph card with your name on it in return. That was a great picture too that I just can’t resist sharing:

Thorin digital signed

Next up is Gary in Into the Storm. Again, not a movie I like very much, but Rich did have a sympathetic role in it (albeit with a bit of a cringey US accent) and was easy on the eyes:


And then came another Richard masterpiece: he played John Proctor in The Crucible. My absolute fave photo from that is this following one. I also have it as a poster, it’s an image I can just stare at indefinitely and never get enough of:

John Proctor

I also very much like this picture of Richard as Bernhard Hare in Urban and the Shed Crew. I was lucky to see it last year at the Newcastle Film Festival, but when will it finally be released on DVD? Candida Brady tweeted this picture some years ago, there is something very endearing about this image…

Bernhard Hare CandidaBrady-twitter-26Aug15

When I think of Richard as Francis Dolarhyde in Hannibal, I shudder. He portrayed him absolutely brilliantly but it’s not a role I can revisit, this horror genre is just not my thing. However much I disliked the character, Richard was able to make me feel sorry for Francis to a certain extent, something that I had completely not expected. He showed a new versatility in this role and he used his body so beautifully, right down to his hands…

Francis Dolarhyde

Moving on to Brain on Fire, there was one photo that absolutely warmed my heart – Richard as daddy Tom Cahalan:

Tom Cahalan

This one from Pilgrimage with Richard as Raymond de Merville is really nice too. I liked his look in this movie, it’s such a pity the man he portrayed was so evil:

Raymond de Merville

The final one I’m sharing is one of Richard as Daniel Miller in Berlin Station, season 2. Not a great series by any means, but this picture just somehow grabs me. Again, I think it’s the way he holds his body, combined with that intense look. So nice!

Daniel Miller

So, that’s it! My fave Richard in-character photos that aren’t screenshots. I tend to have a soft spot for profile pictures, also very much noticeable in this selection. πŸ™‚ Anyone else want to join in? I wouldn’t mind seeing more pictures and other people’s choices… And thanks Guylty for this very enjoyable Richarding-evening!

Critic’s Choice award for Richard?

Richard is nominated for a Critic’s Choice Award (Best Guest Actor/Actress in a Drama Series) for his role as Francis Dolarhyde in Hannibal ! I’m so thrilled!

Although I will never be a Hannibal fan, I love what he did with the role of Dolarhyde! He showed new things in his acting in that role that I had never seen before and that amazed me.


I’m keeping everything crossed for him to win! The nominees in his category:

Richard Armitage – Hannibal – NBC
Justin Kirk – Manhattan – WGN America
Patti LuPone – Penny Dreadful – Showtime
Margo Martindale – The Good Wife – CBS
Marisa Tomei – Empire – Fox
B.D. Wong – Mr. Robot – USA

I have seen none of the other shows, so I have no idea on what Richard’s chances for winning are. Hugh Dancy is also nominated as Best Actor, by the way. I like Hugh Dancy, hope he wins too!

Awards show will be on January 17th. I hope Richard will be there… Hopefully looking a little more charming than this…

RA Dollarhyde


Francis D

Yep, he did it again. Richard Armitage was absolutely spectacular in the role of Francis Dollarhyde! He was mesmerizing.

RA Dollarhyde

Image source:

Also mesmerizing to me were Rutina Wesley as Reba and Hugh Dancy as Will Graham. Mad Mikkelsen is very chilling as Hannibal but not quite as fascinating as Richard, Rutina and Hugh, maybe because I see no humanity shimmering in his eyes as I do see in the other three.

While I had all the intention of watching all three seasons of Hannibal to start with, I just couldn’t watch anymore after the first two episodes of season 1. It is visually very well made, aesthetic even, but the gore and horror were just too much for me. So, I only watched the season 3 Dollarhyde episodes, because of course I needed to see Richard in action. I had to avert my eyes occasionally but other than that the Dollarhyde storyline was intriguing, gruesome and sad to see. Richard really was able to portray the hurt and humanity that lies at the heart of such a cruel and cold serial killer as Francis Dollarhyde. I had never expected to feel in any way sympathetic towards Dollarhyde but I did and felt sad that no redemption for him was possible anymore. In the end, there was no other way for him but to go and, considering what he had done to others, I was glad he was stopped forever.

There were some drawbacks for me in watching Hannibal (other than the gore). I found the pacing of the episodes somewhat unsteady. I think it was because I got annoyed with the way many spoke in such measured and hushed tones all the time. It felt affectatious to me sometimes and my attention would wane. Then at other times I would be engrossed, especially in the Dollarhyde scenes and the ones that included Reba. Those two were fantastic together.

Francis and Reba

Image source:

The tragedy of Francis lies in the causes that made him become so twisted and I will forever wonder whether if he had met someone like Reba when he was young, would his life have gone differently and better?

I also really enjoyed watching Hugh Dancy as Will, the struggle within him always apparent. He plays a character to root for and he does it so well. I found the scenes of Will and Hannibal together intriguing and especially at the end of the finale, those two were magic.


Their interaction, the looks they exchanged, the way it all finally ends… yes, very well done.

So, I come away from this show being reminded again of how good Hugh Dancy is. I have discovered Rutina Wesley who I had never heard of before and she is an amazing actress. And Richard… I swear he gets better and better. I saw him in ways I had never seen him before. Roles like this make him evolve as an actor and I love that he is picking such diverse and challenging projects.

And to end on a shallow note: I watched the Hannibal final post mortem that Servetus posted on her page: Besides the fact that I always adore listening to Richard speak of his work, I have to say I also really liked the purple striped socks he was wearing!

RA purple socks

Richard Armitage in China

My favorite picture of Richard’s recent press tour in China:

RA-2015-01-19- China


I don’t know what it is – the thoughtfulness with a hint of smile, the fingers to the lips like he is going to blow a kiss? In any case, it is my favorite image from this press tour. Can you even imagine him as an ice cold serial killer in Hannibal? I can hardly wait to see the transformation…

Ice cold serial killer

Richard Armitage’s next role is that of an ice cold serial killer in the TV series “Hannibal”:

I haven’t seen the show before but will try out a few episodes and see if I can bear it.Β I like some crime shows very much, even gory ones! I used to watch the BBC’s Silent Witness faithfully (until Leo died – I could hardly bear it after Harry left and then a year later they killed off Leo too!). That show was about forensic pathologists solving murders in London where you got to see quite some gory things. So, I can deal with some gore and I can deal with suspense but what I really do not like is horror! And Hannibal sounds like something inbetween crime procedural show and horror…

The name of the character Armitage will play is Francis Dolarhyde. When I read on the Francis Dolarhyde wikipedia page the way in which this man kills whole families, an ice cold fist grabbed my heart. I wonder if I can stomach this TV show. Then again, at the time I surprised myself for liking The Silence of the Lambs (where I first heard of Hannibal Lecter) even though I watched parts of that movie through my fingers. Of course, that was due to the excellent performances of Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins. Maybe Richard can do the same, make me like something I do not expect to like very much through his performance?

So far when Richard played baddie roles he has always been able to make me feel some sympathy towards his character. I can not imagine feeling any sympathy for Francis Dolarhyde and I can not imagine Richard Armitage being so very ice cold! So, his role in this show will be a big challenge… and I love when Richard Armitage challenges himself… and challenges me!