Richard loves to be alone

Lovely interview with Richard Armitage at the BBC yesterday. Not that much new for an old fan but somehow lovely.

10 minutes wasn’t enough, I felt it would have gone deeper had there been more time, but some nice little tidbits gleaned anyhow. Simon McCoy seemed to be truly curious about getting to know more about Richard and challenged him a bit as well. I loved the critical questions about how planting trees would make a difference in Richard’s performance on stage and whether he is a selfish actor. That little North & South bit made me smile so widely and Richard seemed to enjoy the memory.


I hope they do get that beer together. And I’m totally with Richard on loving being alone, I love that too, as did Greta Garbo…

In fact, Mr Esther and I are really good at being alone together, like here back in 2008 on holiday at the family cottage my parents used to own.

I think we can fit a third person in for alone time who loves being alone as well…

Where is my mind…

Last June I went to see the delightful romantic comedy “Man Up”. I now have the film myself and watched it again the other night, and yes, it is still just as delightful as I remembered it to be! This is one that I will keep on rewatching. 🙂

Anyway, in the film, there is a sad sequence where our couple parts and a certain bit of piano music was used that I found very beautiful. Looked it up in the credits and apparently it is a cover of a song by The Pixies (that sounded vaguely familiar but that I didn’t really know) called “Where is my mind”. Here is the piano version used in “Man Up”:

Maxence Cyrin is the uploader of the video and also the one who plays this piece of piano music. Beautiful. Added bonus? This video features Greta Garbo! Ah, a brilliant actress and such a beautiful woman! I have only seen a few films with her and that was a long way back.

I remember seeing her in “Camille”, “Grand Hotel” and “Queen Christina” but the one I remember best (and that I have in my download library) is “Ninotchka” from 1939. From IMDB: “A stern Russian woman sent to Paris on official business finds herself attracted to a man who represents everything she is supposed to detest.”

Here is a clip from the movie that showcases the stern Ninotchka and the flirty Count Leon beautifully:

The movie was publicized with the slogan “Garbo laughs!” as this was the first (romantic) comedy she made (the first time she did a talking movie the headline famously had been “Garbo talks!”). Here’s the classic clip to go with “Garbo laughs”:

The movie still holds up now, 76 years later, and I know this because I watched it again not too long ago.

I love these serendipitous trails that lead me from one lovely thing to the next. Over the years I have discovered many wonderful things this way. 🙂