Richard and Toby with Graham

Richard Armitage and Toby Jones were interviewed by Graham Norton on BBC radio 2 about Uncle Vanya yesterday. The show is up on the BBC website, Richard and Toby come in at 1 hour and 34 minutes:

2020-0215 Richard Armitage Graham Norton Toby Jones

The interview will only be available for 29 more days on the BBC website, so be sure to listen to it before then. I enjoyed it, even if Graham tends to ridicule a bit too much and finds himself a little too funny, but then, that’s Graham. I faithfully watch his TV show as well, which I do always enjoy. Anyway, in this interview Graham did with Richard and Toby they talk about Uncle Vanya and this new staging of it. There are some nice insights on making things interesting on a long run, they also talk about other projects both actors do and what theatre work they still want to do (yep, Richard still wants some Richard III stuff). There were also little bits that made me chuckle, like these snippets I wrote out below:

Graham: How do you pitch the show to people who’ve never seen it?
Richard (laughing): We’ve agreed that Toby’s going to answer this question.
Toby: Yes, you did agree that.

After some serious talk about the play and a little music break the audience questions come. There’s a question on trees. Yeah, Graham tends to ridicule some fan questions but still this made grin.

Graham: This is a real question that came in. Richard, your character Astrov loves planting trees. What’s your favourite type of tree?
Giggles all round
Richard: Can I say Rowntree? Smarties!
Laughter settles.
Richard: I don’t know. Maybe a Yew tree because they live thousands of years.
Graham: Well done for thinking of an answer!

Audience questions after more women say they’re coming to see the play:

Toby: It’s women only, this show
Graham: Apparently! Hearthrobs I tell ya! Magic Mike and Uncle Vanya they’re really the only shows on right now!

Question on Castlevania for Richard. Graham sounds surprised when he hears about it and genuinely interested:

Richard: I play a really cool character. He’s a complete drunk with a whip.
Graham: Castlevania? And it’s on Netflix?
Richard: Yeah. It’s like an adult kind of vampire fantasy
Toby: Sounds like prep for Dr Astrov!
Richard: It looked quite similar, actually, yeah.

Graham has apparently seen The Stranger as well, says he loves it. Question on seeing it all in one go:

Graham: Aren’t we missing something by not having to wait like we used to?
Richard: I would’ve said yes because I’m somebody that would’ve liked to be teased with stuff like that.
Toby (in the background): Oh no, you’re not…
All giggle

Yeah, I liked listening to this and Graham sounded like he enjoyed his guests. So does that open a door to the next step, a spot for Richard on the  Graham Norton TV show? Toby Jones has been on it before, I think it’s high time Richard also takes place on that red sofa. So, powers that be: have Richard Armitage come on Graham Norton’s TV show, pretty please!

Edit: The wonderful people on Richard Armitage Central have put the interview up on their website as well, for posterity, HERE. 🙂

And Heyerette on Twitter posted this lovely image from yesterday.

2020-0215 Richard Armitage

The whole picture viewable in this tweet.

2020-0215 Richard Armitage Toby Jones

I sooooo love the long hair and beard look!


Some weeks ago I was recommended a trilogy of books by Paula Aidan that re-tells the story of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice from Mr. Darcy’s point of view. I finished the first book, An Assembly Such as This, about a week ago and on the train on my way home from work this afternoon, I started the second book called Duty and Desire. It is set after Darcy and Bingley quit Netherfield and starts out with a scene of Darcy in church. He is listening to the reverend’s reading when Colonel Fitzwilliam arrives, late. And oh my goodness, that bit of writing made me laugh out loud! The train wasn’t full, but the burst of giggle did earn me some questioning looks. Here is that passage that made me laugh…

Duty & Desire excerpt

This kind of irreverence I love!

There’s humourous irreverence but there is also serious irreverence. The blatant, serious irreverence shown by that bumbling excuse of a US president can not make me laugh at all. I cringe and fear for the future. First the man makes an ass of himself in the Middle East and Europe, alienating European allies, looking like the stereotype of the garish American tourist (I truly cringe for my American friends when I see this, I know how mortified they are)…

… and then he decides to pull out of the Paris Agreement on climate change in such an act of selfishness that I just can not comprehend it! We’re 4 months into his presidency, how will the world survive 4 years of this shortsighted, selfish ignorance? I truly see him as a menace to the world. I do take comfort in the fact that there is loud opposition to this man, and I add my opposition here! I have this German magnet here in my house that I have had for years and which nicely sums up how I feel about every single Trump policy so far! It’s my little sign of protest…

dagegen magnet

“Dagegen” is German for “opposed”.

In the meantime I try not to freak out and try to keep hope alive by consuming protest and more irreverence, like in the following video: Graham Norton, Salma Hayek and David Walliams commenting on part of Trump’s foreign trip last week…

… and new French president Emmanuel Macron poking at Trump yesterday in his reaction to the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, calling to “make the PLANET great again!”…

When I see things like this, I just know there must be hope for the future!