Miss Fisher movie crowdfunding!

It’s no secret that I have fallen in love with the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries; I have made a handful of fan videos for the show, after all. Season 3 ended something like this for Phryne Fisher (Essie Davis) and Jack Robinson (Nathan Page)…

… which was really a very open-ended ending. The good thing about open ends is that it sparks a lot of fan fiction, the bad thing is that you really want to see what happens next and you can’t!

For a while now there has been talk of a sequel in the form of a movie but financing has been a problem. Last spring there was a report of the script being discussed with the actors, but there has been no go ahead as yet for the project. So, the team have come up with crowdfunding as a solution! Here’s a video of Nathan Page (on the Miss Fisher Facebook page) getting the idea to crowdfund:

And here’s the link to the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, explaining in more detail what they want to do: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/468758721/miss-fisher-the-movie.

Also, two images I’d like to share that I have borrowed off that Kickstarter page; one explaining what makes Miss Fisher special and the other because the image is just lovely…

Miss Fisher director's statementMiss Fisher plane

Yeah, I think I need to back this one. Feel free to do so as well, if you care to. 🙂

The little shows that could…

You leave town for a few days and all sorts of good things happen! Maybe I need to leave town more often… 😉 This is about two women-centered shows that look really big production-wise, but have been struggling to get continued and financed.

The first piece of good news is that it looks like there really will be a Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries sequel! The show has stopped for now, after 3 seasons (broadcast between 2012 and 2015), but there has always been talk about wanting to continue, about maybe making a Miss Fisher movie. That dream seems to be getting closer to reality now, as announced on their official Facebook page recently:

Miss Fisher Essie Davis Nathan Page

I would so very much welcome this, I love this show! They have a passionate fan following, I hope that helps with getting this thing financed as well.

What passionate fans can do is shown with another Aussie show I love called A Place to Call Home. That show was cancelled after two seasons, but after protests from fans and an action group called “Save A Place to Call Home”, another channel picked up the show after all and two more seasons were made. A fifth season is being filmed now as we speak. And now, this past weekend, the show has won the most important Australian TV award, a Logie, for ‘Most Outstanding Drama’! Such a thrill for a show that has been on the brink. I really liked the acceptance speech given by Noni Hazlehurst, who plays the matriarch on the show:

I am thrilled for the show and that it has become so successful against all odds. They have been nominated last year and this year in other (mostly acting) categories as well, and now this win just tops it all. Personally I would have liked to see Jenni Baird win as well for Outstanding Supporting Actress (she plays the baddie and wore the black dress with flowers at the awards); she is one of the greatest baddies I have ever seen in anything! Alas, the lead actress, Marta Dusseldorp (also nominated!), couldn’t be there…

Marta Dusseldorp

… but the rest of the cast made a very nice-looking group during that awards evening.

Congratulations to the A Place to Call Home team!

Miss Fisher & Detective Robinson

I blame a few health issues but mostly Suzy for my recent blog absence – she alerted me to Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries on her blog and I think Herba may also have mentioned how fun that show is. I was determined to just watch one episode and be nonchalant about it but damn, I was drawn in instantly! Which means I had to binge-watch of course! And had little free time for anything else! And I had to make a video! The idea to this video formed quite early on while I was watching the show…

I try try not to get too invested but of course I do… I can’t help it… I fall in love and just go into obsession mode… not always a good thing…

Anyway, I have now watched all 3 seasons of this show which is set at the end of the 1920s in Melbourne. Apparently it is not certain yet whether any more episodes will be made. There is some talk of maybe a movie or maybe another series, but nothing is confirmed yet. They can’t just leave fans hanging like that, can they? I need more!

Essie (short for Esther apparently!) Davis and Nathan Page are absolutely delightful in the lead roles of liberated and fun-loving private investigator Phryne (pronounced Fry-nee) Fisher and Detective Inspector Jack Robinson. I am totally in love with both of them!

First A Place To Call Home and now MIss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Australia is doing good on the period tv front! I hear there is another good Aussie show out there, set in the 1950s called The Doctor Blake Mysteries. I will NOT allow myself to be drawn into that… I will not! Who has the time? I first need to ride out the waves of obsession over these other two shows…