30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 21

Day 21 – Your favourite sci fi / fantasy movie

These for me are two different genres and I guess I can keep it short.

For fantasy it just has to be The Lord of the Rings trilogy! I have mentioned it here and there already in this challenge and to me it is just the best thing ever in fantasy land! Here, watch this LOTR fan-video set to the German Herman Grönemeyer song Männer, a song about men being tough and vulnerable at the same time. The lyrics of the song and the images go together so well, this really makes me laugh every time!

For scifi the choice is a little more difficult. If we were talking TV here, my answer would be Star Trek: The Next Generation. I loved that show (and that has a lot to do with Patrick Stewart who was so excellent as Captain Picard!) but the movies never really did the show justice for me. Star Trek: First Contact did come close, though… As for Star Wars – while I like it, I don’t absolutely love it. I have started re-watching it so my son can see it and yes, it’s entertaining and I look forward to the new movie, but it is not the best thing ever for me. So, I was going to answer E.T., the Extra Terrestrial for this one and then I suddenly remembered the 1997 movie Contact with Jodie Foster!

Not only did I love the whole idea of how this alien civilization contacted humans and how the scientists decoded their message, I also loved the moral/faith versus science discussions in this movie. And I loved Jodie Foster as the scientist Ellie. Yep, great movie and no doubt about it, it is my favourite scifi movie too!

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