30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 14

Day 14- The best movie-baddie ever

This one is easy; no Darth Vader for me or that guy in the old James Bond movie that strokes his white cat and you never see his face. Two days ago (day 12 of the challenge) I spoke of Inglorious Basterds. For me that movie also provided the best movie-baddie I have ever seen: Christoph Waltz as the totally evil Nazi colonel Hans Landa (a.k.a ‘the Jew hunter’).

Christoph Waltz - Hans Landa

Hans Landa is calm, well-mannered, intelligent but so creepy in his charm, chilling with a smile and so very evil through and through! He was so menacing, he made me shudder and I sometimes could hardly bare to look at him…

I was in awe of how Christoph Waltz gave a face to this chilling, evil man and I must say I totally cheered when he won an Oscar for his role in 2010!


He now also plays the baddie in the new Bond film Spectre and I am quite curious to see how he did in that! For me Javier Bardem in Skyfall was the best Bond-baddie ever (and a good contender to be the winner of this challenge category!) – can Christoph Waltz beat that?

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30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 12

Day 12 – A movie that you like by a director that you do not usually enjoy

Yesterday’s challenge question was about a director I like, today’s question is about a director I do not like.

Well, one director I am prejudiced against is Quentin Tarantino. His movies are just too violent and bloody and off-the-wall for me. Of course, I was thinking that without ever really fully watching a whole Tarantino movie (hence the me being prejudiced part). Then I went to see Inglorious Basterds in the cinema. I can’t remember why I even decided to go see it, but I think it was because my friend wanted to, so I humored her. Basically the movie was about Jews kicking Nazi-ass…

It was bloody and cruel, there was suspense, high stakes and even some humour and almost to my horror, I loved the movie! I loved it, even though at some points it was so gruesome that I could hardly look at the screen. I even went to see it again in the cinema a few weeks later and when the DVD came out, I immediately bought it and watched it again. I don’t really know what it was that clicked with me and made me love this gore-fest. I think it has a lot to do with a huge amount of wish-fulfillment… Of course there were also some great actors doing some great acting! I discovered Michael Fassbender through this movie, and Christoph Waltz. But mostly, I think it was a movie that appealed to my hidden basic revenge fantasies that I didn’t even know I had… Apparently, deep within my pacifist soul, there is also a militantly agressive tendency…

An ex-co worker said that if I loved this movie so much then I would love the Kill Bill movies as well, so I thought, “sure, why not?”. I watched the first one but I couldn’t get through it and ended up fast forwarding most of it. Apparently my agressive/revengeful tendencies don’t reach that far. I never bothered with the second Kill Bill. So, that showed me that no, I didn’t have a new found love for Quentin Tarantino, I just love his Inglorious Basterds. And now I’m still debating with myself whether I should watch his Django Unchained movie or not… would it have that same wish-fulfillment element (regarding slavery) for me?

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