Spot the difference


My cats…

Uncanny, right? 😉 Almost good enough for the “Tussen Kunst & Quarantaine” (“Between Art & Quarantine”) project over on Instagram. The project started during quarantine as a lark where this lady invited people to share images of art works re-created at home. Click on the above link, if you’re so inclined, it’s so very entertaining to look through all the fun entries.


The German word above, literally meaning “celebration evening”, is a good word. It’s what you call the end of the working day in Germany. Busy work week again for me and especially today was filled with lots of video meetings. Those really do get quite exhausting. Mr Esther must be even more exhausted, because he’s been at it with the video chats even longer than I have today and is now (at 6.45 pm as I type this) still working.

I worked some on my day off yesterday as well, so I stopped an hour early today, did the weekend grocery shop (supermarket gets much quieter here at the end of the afternoon) and now finally my Feierabend has come. I’m ready for the weekend…

… but, unlike Mr Esther, I still have work to do tomorrow. Maybe wait with the wine until Feierabend tomorrow?

Decided to enjoy my cats outside for a few moments (OK, picture of my black cat was taken yesterday but it sure is a really pretty picture of her!)…

… and I’m gearing up for a new book on my e-reader…

I’d gotten pretty worked up about that Audrey Hepburn book I read recently and I get very upset by the news (even though I’m not looking at social media so very much nowadays) and work is busy, so I want and need something calming now. My e-reader houses a whole collection of Georgette Heyer books that I’ve never read, to be accessed on just such an occasion when I need something light. I’ve only ever read one or two Heyers, I think now might be a good time to try a third.

Of course, just as Feierabend hits and I finally sit in our garden, the first drops of rain are starting to fall. Well, time for getting dinner ready anyway. Looks like my e-book needs to wait until this evening…

Relaxing after @home work

Really busy working from home today so it’s been good to unwind after. And a nice evening it was too!

It was decided by popular vote in this house that we would have a cold dinner this evening with baguette and different kinds of cheese and paté and filet americain (a kind of beef spread) and guacamole and scrambled eggs and wine. It was our first dinner outside this year as the weather was still really nice at around 7 pm.


We saw something wriggling in the grass while we were eating and it turned out to be a caterpillar…


… and after dinner our old cat actually was playful! He’s 15 and very rarely plays anymore, so this was fun to see.


Meanwhile our black cat was hiding behind a lamp, not sure why.


The weather was so nice, Mr Esther and I decided on an after dinner stroll.

And this evening my son came downstairs for a little cuddle with our old cat before grabbing a beer and disappearing to his room again.


Now off to read a little before I head to bed. One more day of work tomorrow and then I have a week and a half off!