Spring is here!

It’s only partially sunny here today and even a tad chilly when the sun disappears behind the clouds, but it is warm enough for me to be sitting outside in our garden for the first time this year! One of our cats has joined me as well…

When I got back from my weekend in Newcastle two weeks ago, Mr Esther had already gone spring-happy, buying potted flowers for in our garden. Now our little pink blossom tree has started to bloom as well! I have mostly enjoyed these flowers (and the beginning of the pink blossoms) from through the window, I love that I can now sit and enjoy them while relaxing outside! ๐Ÿ™‚

MTA: Now my other cat has joined me as well, she is fascinated by a bumble bee flying around here. She could catch it too, if she tried…

Her nickname in this house is ‘mass murderer’ as she is very effective at killing mice, birds and frogs


The cat is out of the bag

Now that Jane has made this little film public, I can now share it here as well!

This little film has been sitting on my phone for the last 10 days and I have watched it over and over again countless times! Christine was so sweet asking Richard to do this for her friend Jane and Richard was so sweet to do it. As I set up the video, Christine made a move to step aside but Richard wouldn’t let her. He says at the very beginning of this clip “you be in it” to her and gently invites her in and puts his arm around her shoulder so she too would be in this video. I love the look of joy on Christine’s face and that very tender look on Richard’s, this is such a little gem! It’s made me smile a lot over the past 10 days.

Speaking of cats, I got home late from work today (after watching the Christine-Richard-for-Jane video again on my phone on my way home), sat down on the couch and within seconds was welcomed by this little man who joined me there (he never lies on our laps, just nestles up against us)…


It’s so nice having cats out of the bag (and such beautifully joyous reactions to go with that!) and cats lying against me. ๐Ÿ™‚

I feel a London trip coming on!

Richard Armitage did a Q&A in Paris today. Here are some pics of him doing publicity…











… and here is the Q&A, up on YouTube!









Nice little interview and there are a few things there that I am glad to have learned!

  • Mr cat still lives in Daniel Miller’s apartment, Richard thinks, and he may have a computer chip in his head.











  • Richard wants to do a musical and play a rock star in a movie! Kinda like he once did in that ‘My Celebrity Boyfriend’ photobook many years ago, I imagine…

RA celebrity boyfriend

  • Aw, he likes David Bowie! He’s not a true fan but fan enough. And he pronounces the ‘ow’ in Bowie as the ‘ow’ in ‘how’ whereas I pronounce the ‘ow’ as in ‘low’. His fave Bowie song is ‘Ashes to Ashes’. Yep, that’s a good song! David Bowie died 2 years and one week ago and I still miss him….








  • Richard wants to act with Elizabeth Moss (I still need to watch The Handmaid’s Tale, I hear good things)…

Elizabeth Moss… and of course he’s looking forward to working with Julie Delpy. My Zoe is still on the cards, albeit delayed.

Julie Delpy.jpg

  • He’d like to do more phantasy like the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman (I’m not familiar with that trilogy) and he would do Tolkien again, but not sure he’d be a dwarf again.
  • ‘Paris will always be Paris’ Richard says, which reminds me of this Casablanca scene. I love Casablanca.






  • Richard likes “gratin dauphinois” which I agree is nice but I haven’t tasted in eons…


  • And most excitingly of all: he’ll be doing a play soon and we’ll find out about it in the next couple of days! I feel my next London trip coming on and quite soon at that! Woohooo!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

He was also promoting Berlin Station in Paris yesterday…











… and my fave picture from yesterday is this one:

RA 16-1-2018

Hair lighter, he looks a little less thin, a lovely smile on his face and crinkles around the eyes. He looks so friendly! I have read comments on Twitter that he looks tired but I’m not sure he looks any more or less tired than usual to me. In any case, I love this picture!

Haven’t gushed over Richard in a while but I am very glad to do so now. ๐Ÿ™‚ Andย  I’m sure there will be more gushing in a few days, once we find out more about the play he’ll be doing. Can hardly wait!

MTA: the first picture I shared was apparently a photo manipulation by MatKhal on Twitter, I had totally missed that! She let me know what the original picture is:





The comfort of cats

I’m incapacitated by the worst flu I’ve had in ages but I take comfort from our black cat who keeps me company. She stays with me, despite me sneezing, coughing, and wriggling to combat fever-induced muscle ache.


My old cat, who died a few years ago, used to do that too…


My black cat has her own unique personality but in some ways she also feels a bit like a reincarnation of my old cat. Maybe she really is a reincarnation of sorts as she was born around the time my old cat died. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We didn’t get her until a few months later but she really was destined to be with us, I think. I love that cats can be such a great source of comfort.

‘Tis the season!

This past weekend Mr Esther and I and two friends of ours, whom we had gone to college with, went on our yearly Christmas market trip to Germany. This time we travelled to Trier and stayed overnight in a hotel in a village about 20 minutes away from the city center. We haven’t been feeling very Christmassy yet but that changed as we got closer to Trier and there was a dusting of snow all around! Of course, ‘doing’ the Christmas market helped get us into a festive spirit as well!

We spent the second half of Saturday afternoon and the evening going around the market. It really was crowded but still fun nonetheless!

The next morning, after breakfast, we walked through Trier again, this time in daylight and in the snow which was coming down much harder on Sunday.

We also noticed extra security measures on different streets that lead to the Christmas market: these huge candles are concrete blocks with a police van in the middle to prevent anyone from doing harm with a rented van or stolen truck… the times we live in…


After some Kรคsekuchen and hot drinks we headed back for home again at around 1 pm on Sunday, on roads that were passable but also snowy…

Today (this gets posted after midnight, so on Tuesday, but I mean Monday) was an even more snowy day, we got lots where we live! Mr Esther and I worked from home today (as we had planned to do anyhow even before we knew this much snow was coming). The kids went to school but were sent home early. So, we took the time to decorate the Christmas tree. That is, Mr Esther and my daughter did (in her new Cookie Monster onesie she got from my mother that she absolutely adores!).

Our 3 year old black cat was fascinated by the snow, it’s the first time she’s experienced this…


Our 12 year old red cat was more interested in finding a warm spot to sleep…


My son admired the newly decorated tree but was soon more interested in his NBA basketball game on the Playstation…


And meanwhile, outside it snowed and snowed! Our backyard looked magical…


… as did the view from our front dining room window with newly placed Christmas lights…


Yep, I’m feeling it… ’tis truly the season now!