Colin, Cannes and fine eyes

These pics are from last week but I’m just coming across them now… Colin was back in Cannes, as far as I could tell, to support his wife Livia’s ethical fashion campaign.

Colin & Livia Firth Cannes 2017

Doesn’t he look lovely in a grey suit? I like Livia’s outfit too, it’s a dress that used to be owned by her mother.  On a side note: the article in this previous link (and other news sources I have seen) also refers to Colin asking for Italian citizenship next to his British one (Livia is Italian). He is very opposed to Brexit, so it looks like this application has something to do with that. End of side note and back to Cannes: Colin and Livia looked dapper here as well, with Livia again wearing a dress that looks lovely…

Colin Livia Firth Cannes2 2017

In Cannes, Colin looked very pleased, adorable and somewhat goofy, almost fatherly, hugging a young lady…

Colin Firth hugs lady

But the shot I really loved was this one…

Colin Firth Salma Hayek Juliette Binoche Cannes 2017

Colin sandwiched between Salma Hayek and Juliette Binoche. That look on Colin’s face is so tender, amused and adorable…. sigh! I just saw Salma Hayek on the Graham Norton show last week, she is quite funny, I never really knew that about her! Colin seems to like her too. 🙂 Not that Colin is in love with Salma but the look on his face makes me think of this Barbra Streisand song from her movie Yentl

It looks like Colin and Mr Darcy still have an important thing in common: they can happily meditate on the very great pleasure which a pair of fine eyes in the face of a pretty woman can bestow. 😉

Emma Thompson in Cannes

Emma Thompson is in Cannes right now, promoting her new movie The Meyerowitz Stories with Dustin Hoffman, Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler. Apparently it is a Netflix production which will be available there any day now. I don’t really know much about this movie and I am not posting about that, really. I just came across all these pictures of Emma clowning around in Cannes and I wanted to spread the joy! So, that is all this is: Emma Thompson in Cannes picture spam (click on images to enlarge)!

And there’s more (again, click on images to enlarge)…

This next picture has her husband, actor Greg Wise (he played Willoughby in her Sense & Sensibility movie), smiling behind her…

Emma Thompson Cannes 2017-04

… and then there is this one, which is my favourite: Emma and Dustin delightedly greeting each other!

"The Meyerowitz Stories" Departures - The 70th Annual Cannes Film Festival

It just makes me grin so wide looking at all of these! I can go to bed smiling now. 🙂

Colin & Livia Firth in Cannes

Colin Firth was in Cannes these past few days, looking sharp again and accompanied by his wife Livia, who had her own business interests to represent there as well.

First we have the obligatory airport shots…

… and shots taken outside his hotel…

Livia is a huge campaigner for sustainable fashion and has her own Eco Age company doing so. She lobbies, makes documentaries, gives talks, and when accompanying Colin promotes eco friendly (and labour-conditions-friendly) fashion. Her latest call is to only buy clothes you will wear at least 30 times (oh my, she should see my closet… the stuff in there is so old, I generally wear everything 1000 times!). She regularly wears clothes her mum used to wear and she did so again in Cannes, wearing a pink dress her mum was pictured wearing in 1968:


And Colin is there to support Livia’s projects when he can…

The Firths were also at the Chopard party (also pictured with French actress Marion Cotillard) promoting fair and sustainable jewellery.

CF Cannes smart (2)

And then later came the premiere of the new movie Loving, about a history-making interracial couple in 1950s Virginia, a movie that Colin co-produced. I so very much want to see this movie, the topic is right up my alley! I love this picture where Colin delightedly embraces the film’s star Joel Edgerton at a party:

Vanity Fair and HBO Dinner Celebrating the Cannes Film Festival - The 69th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Of course there was also the Loving premiere itself, with the Firths looking very dapper and beautiful…

On her instagram Livia mentioned wearing that premiere dress before:

Livia in premiere dress

And after all that glamour, the Firths are back in London again… their cat seems surprised!

Firth cat

… and Colin is filming the Kingsmen sequel (in a pink vest and apparently not dead) in Greenwich! The place we were at only two weeks ago!