Somewhere new

After watching junior win his handball match (24-20) this morning and doing a few chores, Mr Esther and I went for a bike ride this afternoon. We biked somewhere I had never biked to before. Well, the beginning part of the route was familiar but then we went left somewhere where I normally turn right and after a while came to this very pretty botanical garden that Mr E had seen before but I hadn’t…

We had a cup of tea, my first chai tea latte in a very long time…

… and then biked back again…

A little grey but quite warm, good weather for a bike ride! I wonder how many more weekends like this we will have before it really gets chilly.

The not complaining post

Just a short but sweet post today, not in the mood anymore for the complaining I was going to do about tendentious (e.g. about the British royal family) and/or navel-gazing (e.g. Dutch news) journalism or hating doing chores around the house (I swear, if I win the lottery, I will invest in a housekeeper) or the zero motivation I have for my job. Instead, I decided to finish another Suits video yesterday evening and today that I started weeks ago but then left alone for a while. I set the video to Pearl Jam’s Just Breathe, just because I like the song so much and images of Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Donna (Sarah Rafferty) popped up in my head when I listened to it again about a month ago when I was finishing my favourite Suits scenes re-watch. This is the end result which I think is not my best, nor my worst..

This afternoon, Mr Esther and I went on a little bike ride. It’s chilly but the sun was shining, so it was nice to be out like that.

Sunday evening now and I hate that the weekend is almost over. Picking up my son from a friend’s house in 30 minutes, then time for a relaxing hot shower and a feelgood movie to counteract the I-don’t-want-to-work-tomorrow blues…

The weekend has begun

Another bike ride this afternoon after work as the weather is starting to improve again.

It felt like winter here the past week with hail and snow showers, I just hope that we can now really start welcoming the spring again. It’s good to feel the sun on my face and I’m glad the weekend is here.

Another beautiful bike ride

We’re having gorgeous spring weather for a few days before it gets chilly and wet again over the weekend (if the forecast is to be believed). Mr. Esther and I went for another bike ride this evening after work. Our clocks changed to summer time last weekend, which means it’s light longer in the evening and this past evening was very beautiful!

Also made a few gifs from a few short videos I made (you can see our shadows as we bike)…

I have a day off tomorrow, if the weather stays this good I might do a longer ride on my own.

Sunset biking

No Yannick Bissoning (biking and filming) this evening, just biking with Mr Esther this time and stopping for an occaisonal picture.

We were supposed to do just a quick little bike ride after work but in the end we took a far longer route than anticipated beforehand. Part of that route I had never biked before and it was beautiful. It was a little chilly but there wasn’t a lot of wind and there were clear skies and the world was going orange in the sunset. We stopped at a lock along the way for some pictures…

… and it was all just glorious. I love good weather biking, I’m so glad I’ve started doing this.