A special gift

Fact #1: My mother paints as a hobby, these last few years she’s been doing watercolors (but never signs them – she thinks nothing she paints is good enough to sign).

Fact #2: Two months ago I took my mother to see The Crucible in the cinema and she loved it, she wanted to dedicate a painting to it.

Fact #3: Last week was my birthday…

… and this was the gift I received from her!

IMG_0651 w c

Done after this Richard Armitage / Anna Madeley image that I love so very much:


Thank you, mama!!

So… a piece of art…

I had mentioned I would write something about a piece of art… and then the George Deek speech and Richard Armitage intervened. But, the art thing is not forgotten… I have a favourite piece that I would like to share and that piece is “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt.

My favourite art period is pretty much mid 19th – 20th century art and this was painted at the beginning of the 20th century. I like the intimacy and the love this image exudes and the brightness of the lovers in a less bright world. The gold brightness of love overshadows the dark. The man adores this woman and this woman is so content to be in his arms… They are lying down … or are they standing? Are they on a precipice? It doesn’t matter, all that matters is that they are together, caught in their own bubble.

Why is this, of all paintings, my favourite? It’s hard to say… it somehow developed that way. The first picture ever taken of me and my new boyfriend at the time (and now my husband) has him embracing me in a similar way with my head and body angled against him. When that picture was developed (in the days before digital cameras) and I first saw it printed, it immediately reminded me of this Gustav Klimt painting. We hadn’t consciously posed like that and it’s not exactly a replica position, but I could see the similarities. Maybe I love this painting because it is now linked to the love for my husband? My parents once gave us this little statue modelled after the couple in this painting, knowing how much I love it. And in our living room we have this huge reproduction of the painting. So yes, anyone can see the affection for this painting in our house.

I have yet to see the real thing in Vienna. One day… one day I will…