New phone & filters

I just renewed my two-year mobile phone contract a little early (was due at the beginning of the new year but the offer already came in now, so I went with it) and with that comes a new phone. I didn’t really need a new phone for myself but as my father-in-law’s phone could use replacement, I decided to order a newer one after all so that my current one can go to him.

That also means a new cover (why don’t they ever make phones in standard sizes?) was needed. About time too as the old cover was fading and I had to keep it all together with staples (you can see the staples alongside John Proctor on the right edge in the following image).

New phone arrived yesterday and is installed, my new cover arrived today (with the same The Crucible painting by my mother that I’ve had for 6 or so years now and never grows old) and I’m happy as a clam that it looks so good…

The new phone also has some filters on the camera. I’ve never used filters before but decided to try them now for the first time…

I look weird, myself and yet not myself, although I’ve got to say I’m quite partial to the following autumn beard and sunglasses look. I was instantly reminded of this Richard Armitage selfie. See the similarities?

Shape of glasses and beard (without the leaves) are quite the same. I could be his bearded dwarf sister!
(Modified to add this video about dwarf women…)

Anyway, fun to have a new phone although I’m not sure I’ll ever use those filters again. Most of all I’m just happy it works pretty much exactly the same as the old one (I had a Samsung and stayed with it), that it still has Richard and Anna Madeley in The Crucible on the cover and that my Angry Birds 2 advanced score is still intact.

Job search and All Creatures

Had a very disillusioning talk with my boss on Friday who, under the guise of being ‘supportive’ is turning into one of the least supportive bosses I have known and I feel betrayed. It makes me want to leave my current job more than ever, so I’m feverishly searching for other work. I just sent out two applications this evening. Fingers crossed something good will happen because where I’m at now is turning more and more sour. The mental stress I am feeling, especially after Friday, makes me wonder whether I should just call in sick and never go back again…

The cat has been supportive while I sent out my applications…

She’s always desperate to lie on us or, if that’s not possible, to lie against us. Yes, annoying sometimes but also very good for calming nerves when I can just turn my head and nuzzle her soft fur.

I’ve been needing some comfort watching so have finally watched the first season of the new All Creatures Great and Small

… and it sure is a lovely series! I used to watch the old one of the end 1970s and 1980s and I have read the books once a long, long time ago but I’m not that clear anymore on the particulars, it’s been too long. So, no idea whether this is true to the books but I’m really enjoying it, particularly Mrs Hall (Anna Madeley) and Sebastian Farnon (Samuel West), even though he’s a little less jolly here than I remember him from the old series. Of course, also James Herriot (Nicholas Ralph) is good, as is Tristan (Callum Woodhouse), who really has some growing up to do, and I don’t remember Helen Alderson being a farming woman but I do like this Helen (Rachel Shenton) too. The second series is airing now as we speak. It’s lovely to disappear into a different world like that. Yorkshire sure is gorgeous and I also think back fondly of our travels there a few summers ago. Looking forward to season two!

A special gift

Fact #1: My mother paints as a hobby, these last few years she’s been doing watercolors (but never signs them – she thinks nothing she paints is good enough to sign).

Fact #2: Two months ago I took my mother to see The Crucible in the cinema and she loved it, she wanted to dedicate a painting to it.

Fact #3: Last week was my birthday…

… and this was the gift I received from her!

IMG_0651 w c

Done after this Richard Armitage / Anna Madeley image that I love so very much:


Thank you, mama!!