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In 2011 I discovered The Mentalist. I was late to the game, by the time I started watching,  series 3 was ending. I was hooked on the charm of Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) who helped detective Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney) solve murders in California. He’s a former ‘psychic’ who serves as consultant on murder cases and uses unusual, often amusing, methods and has a disregard for protocol. There is also a tragic side to him as he obsessively searches the serial killer called Red John, who killed his wife and daughter. Lisbon has a hard time trying to keep him in line. I painstakingly sourced clips from season 3, which took a long time, and finally was able to make some videos.

My first video was made in June 2011 and is still my most popular The Mentalist video. I was fiddling with video formats at the time and got it right in later videos, but by then this video was already so popular, I didn’t have the heart to take it down again to upload a new version. So this version it is. The song is called “That man” which I found suited Patrick Jane extremely well!

What followed was a video highlighting the tragedy of Jane being haunted by Red John, the murderer of his wife and child…

And then there was a bit more of season 3 fun…

A year later, after painstakingly sourcing season 4 clips, I made a season 4 video…

This was followed by a more romantic video of how I thought Jane sees Lisbon…

It  was another 2 years before I made another Mentalist video. Season 6 had been full of romantic tenstion between Jane and Lisbon and of course that begged to be set to music, like here with “Love is in the air”…

More about love in this video…

… and in this one, where I used a ballad by my favourite band Muse…

And a more upbeat video with a little more fun in it…

Season 7 was more like a half season. It was the final season where Jane and Lisbon try to figure out how to be a couple (while solving murders). There were some ups and downs, but they got their happy ending. A celebratory video was in order, I was happy and “Walking on Sunshine” myself!

My final  Mentalist video (for now?) is all about how after seven years these two can completely count on each other…


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  1. […] week two of my favourite Aussies were posing together: Simon Baker of The Mentalist fame and Hugh Jackman. Simon has made a movie called Breath and Hugh Jackman and his wife […]


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