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So… Pierce Brosnan. He’s one of those actors who I always quite liked but found a little too slick and too beautiful. He was a very charming James Bond and I remembered him from way back when in Remington Steele, although I had only ever seen it dubbed in German. I didn’t pay that much heed to him until a few years ago I happened to see him again in the movie Laws of Attraction that I had picked up somewhere. The movie may not have been the best of all romcom-lawyer movies, even I found a few things a little far-fetched, but nonetheless I fell for it! That was all due to a more mature looking, greying and longer-haired Pierce with that twinkle in his eyes. I liked this Pierce way more than the smooth younger man I had always seen him as. The man ages well! And so I was moved to make a video for Laws of Attraction as there were very few fan vids out there for this movie…

I started watching all I could find of Pierce’s work. Yeah, there were a few turds, but also some gems! His most surprising role for me was in The Matador, he gives a stunning performance in that.

I also rewatched Remington Steele, this time all the episodes and in English, and found I liked them way more than I had ever remembered! Pierce was so much fun in them, so charming too and rakish! Yeah, a little young, but I didn’t seem to mind. So, I made two kissing-themed Remington Steele videos (there were just too many kissses, they didn’t fit into one video)…

In the meantime I was lucky enough to very briefly even meet the man at a film festival in Belgium (for a report, read HERE) and the friend who I was with was able to garner an autograph! This is the one (I took a picture):


Anyway, around that time I also saw him in a Danish film called Den skaldede frisør (which literally translates to “the bald-headed hairdresser”). In English the film was given the uninspired title of Love Is All You Need but don’t be fooled by the title, it’s a little gem of a movie! It’s about a Danish hairdresser (Trine Dyrholm), in remission from breast cancer, who travels to Italy for the wedding of her daughter. Her husband has gone off with a young chick and she meets the groom’s father, who is ice-cold at first but quickly warms to her. The song “That’s Amore” features in the movie, so I made a video set to that (including ending spoilers)…

I have watched this movie at least 10 times, I think it’s my fave Brosnan movie to date. Well, it’s really a Trine Dyrholm movie, who is brilliant here, but I really love Pierce in this too. 🙂

Update March 2019:

A new Love is All You Need I made, the song just seemed to fit!

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