My miscellaneous fan videos

This page features ‘loose’ fan videos that don’t fit into any of the other categories so far.

James Stewart

After rediscovering James Stewart, and finding him better than I had ever even thought, I made a fan video showing how well James Stewart loved his leading ladies…

The Greatest Showman

[February 2018] – Quite unexpectedly, I fell in love with the movie musical The Greatest Showman, starring none other than the wonderful Hugh Jackman. I also fell in love with the soundtrack which has been playing on constant repeat in my car. On a cold end of afternoon after work, as I was driving home, I filmed ‘on the road’ while I was thoroughly enjoying singing along to my favourite song from the soundtrack, called From now on. I made this video, with running (written) commentary of that experience…

The Obamas

[January 2017] – I will miss The Obamas terribly in the White House. For me, Barack Obama was the best US President in my lifetime and Michelle Obama was a wonderful First Lady. After 8 years in the White House it is time for the Obamas to go and I didn’t want them to leave! I know this is how democracy works, and that is good thing, but I already miss them nonetheless.

I have been looking at wonderful Obama photos, mostly shot by Pete Souza (White House photographer), and while doing so the two songs in this video sprung to mind; I just had to make it. I have been sitting on it for a while because I really don’t want to get into political discussions. However, after the horrible inauguration speech of the new US president, I really want to post this. So here goes…


[November 2011] – This video is one I made of Keanu Reeves. In january 2011 he was on the Graham Norton show (together with Emilia Fox, who plays in Silent Witness). I didn’t know Keanu so well, but I fell in love with him that night. He was so relaxed and fun and happy, I just had to make a video (some months later) of him on the Graham Norton Show…

For a little while it sparked a crush I had on Keanu, I watched a lot of his movies after this show had aired. Even though the infatuation has worn off a little, I still like him. This remains a nice little pick-me-up video for me. 🙂


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