My fan videos

I discovered Syfy Channel’s Haven at the beginning of 2017 and even though this kind of supernatural themed show is really not my kinda thing, I very quickly became fascinated by the story of Nathan Wuornos (played by Lucas Bryant) and Audrey Parker (Emily Rose). I’ll never be into the supernatural stuff but the relationship between these two completely captured my imagination! And so I started making some fan videos…

An important part of the relationship between Nathan and Audrey is the fact that Nathan can’t feel anything, the only touch he feels is Audrey’s. The importance of feeling touch to Nathan, through hands, hugs or kisses, is what this video is all about…

The show is mainly about Audrey and Nathan helping so-called ‘troubled’ people whose supernatural abilities endanger the world around them. I have always loved the Van Morrison song “Have I told you lately” and as I was listening to the repeated line in the lyrics “Ease my troubles, that’s what you do…”, I just knew this song had to be used for a Nathan and Audrey video.

And I made a third video, just because I love the song Human by Rag’n’Bone Man so much. I decided it could work alright with images from Haven!

I guess time will tell whether there will be more videos to follow. 🙂



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