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Anne with an E is a Canadian TV series, also available on Netflix, about the well-loved Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables (I also posted about this show here). It is a modern, different, more gritty adaptation which also strays from the books, most notably in Gilbert’s storyline at first, but in the rest of the story as well. However, it also seamlessly weaves back into the Anne stories we already know. Some new characters are introduced in this adaptation and the stories also touch on issues of trauma, bullying, sexual identity, racism, loss, feminism and even educational reform.

Warning: spoilers for season 3 of Anne with an E ahead!

I have made a few fan videos for this show and the first video is inspired by season 3 episode 1 when Anne (Amybeth McNulty) talks to Gilbert (Lucas Jade Zumann) about the ‘take notice board’. Gilbert’s reactions in that scene (where he hopes Anne is talking of wanting to be noticed by him but instead she talks of another girl) reminded me of the phrase “half agony, half hope” taken from Captain Wentworth’s letter to Anne Elliot in Jane Austen’s “Persuasion”. So, I made this video using the letter as read in the 1995 BBC adaptation of the book.

The second video I made almost made itself. The 3rd episode of season 3 charted the illness of one of the new characters, Mary (Cara Ricketts) who is the wife of another new character called Bash, short for Sebastian (Dalmar Abuzeid), The episode broke my heart, the video is about that episode and making this video was basically therapy for me (video got blocked on YouTube, so here it is on Vimeo instead)…

And a third video set to a song which I thought fit well with how Gilbert feels about Anne.

It seems like almost every season 3 episode inspires a new video! Here’s another one, inspired by the beautiful dance Anne & Gilbert shared in episode 5 and how it flusters them both. I also wrote a blog post about how this dance also resonates with me because of personal memories.

Episode 6 of season 3 was difficult to watch, so making the following video was therapy:

There’s something there with these two as they pull together in episode 7 of season 3.

Episode 8 of season 3 was so full of feelings! Yes, it warranted another video.

OK, another video for episode 8 of season 3. This song is so over- used for fan videos that I at first didn’t even want to make this video and I made the video above instead. But from the moment I saw episode 8 this has been the song that has been playing in my head most, it just feels like the most fitting Gilbert & Anne theme song for where they are at, at this stage in the story. So, I decided to make the video after all.

Episode 9 of season 3 was angst ridden!

I accidentally happened upon this song by Katie Melua where she sings about remembering a magical first dance, and of course that made me think of Anne & Gilbert dancing. Another video had to be made:

Episode 10 of the season 3 finale was just everything! And then half a day later it was announced that Anne with an E would be cancelled. No! No! No! It needs to be renewed! I finally got around to making this video, even though my heart is broken about the cancellation.

Ever since I first heard this song a few weeks ago, I knew I was going to set it to an Anne & Gilbert video. So, here it is…

Still obsessed, still making videos.

This cannot be the end of this show and I’m fervently hoping the #renewannewithane campaign on Twitter works. Here’s to a season 4!

Two months after the cancelation I am still fighting for renewal. I heard this song again the other day and could just picture Anne and Gilbert, so here’s the video…

May 2020 – almost 6 months after cancelation and I am still hoping the show gets renewed! Came across a video I had started a few months ago and decided to finally finish it. The song is The Words by Christina Perri. It seemed fitting.

Come on CBC and Netflix, renew Anne!

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