Some Richard favourites

I’m still in non-Richard land right now but saw this blog post by Michele and then Armidreamer’s response and Rachel’s response and I thought I’d just jump in as well and dip back into Armitage-land again for a bit with my own response. He is never far from my mind but there are so few new things for me to get excited about (again, all that audio work is not for me), that I haven’t been that immersed in Richard of late. I did really enjoy these recent pictures of him filming Stay Close in Blackpool, though…

… and of course today congratulations are in order because of his Audie Award win for reading Chekhov’s short stories!

Anyway, back to Michele’s questions and my answers to them:

1 Your favorite John and why: Thornton / Proctor / Porter / Standring

Had to think on that one, was trying to decide between Thornton and Porter but I think it would still be John Thornton, mostly because he was my gateway to Richard Armitage and I still think Thornton is one of his most layered performances. Even after all these years, I still love looking at the details of what Richard did with this character.

2 Your favorite Richard action movie and why:

He’s done more TV action than movie action but even so I’d probably pick The Hobbit over any of his TV action stuff. He gave an excellent, again layered, performance as Thorin Oakenshield.

3 Your favorite pairing of Richard and ____

As in someone he already acted with or someone he should act with? I never have simple one-name answers to these.

For actresses he has already acted with, I thought he had good chemistry with Jodhi May (as Layla Thompson) in Strike Back or Orla Brady (as reporter Katie Dartmouth) also in Strike Back. Also with Rutina Wesley (as Reba) in Hannibal and of course Daniela Denby-Ashe (as Margaret Hale) in North and South.

As in someone I’d yet like to see him act with? I’m not sure I have a real preference there, I want to see him opposite someone strong and smart. Kate Winslet might be an obvious one, or I really like Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

Or maybe he could team up with a male actor, like Gabriel Macht or DB Woodside, both of whom have recently been on my mind a lot…

4 Richard’s best trait is his ________

For many years now I’ve been trying to figure out what it is exactly that makes him remain my favourite. I wish I could pinpoint the one trait I like best but it’s not that easy. So, I think I’m going to cheat by naming three traits and combining them into one: intelligent introvert soulfulness.

5 What one question would you ask Richard about his roles up to now?

Which role would you best like to be remembered for and why? It doesn’t have to be the most (commercially) successful one…

6 If Richard asks you to dinner and where to eat, what type of restaurant would you take him to?

Sushi. I love sushi. Or if he’s visiting me here in The Netherlands I’d take him in the summertime to a lovely typical Dutch pancake restaurant in the center of Utrecht, right next to a canal. If he doesn’t like pancakes, no problem, there are many more restaurants to choose from alongside that canal.

7 What song comes to mind to describe his acting career?

Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake – it’s got nothing to do with his acting career, though. I’m not sure I could think of any one song that would characterize his acting career to me. However, in my early years of fandom after I first fell in love with the man in 2006, I couldn’t get enough of a video someone had made to the song Sexy Back. The first Sexy Back video was so popular that a year later a second one was made…

… and then even a third one came along. To this day, when anyone asks me what music I associate with Richard Armitage it is this song that immediately springs to mind.

8 What board game would you play with Richard during another lockdown?


9 What two fandom items would you give to Richard as tokens of appreciation?

I’m not sure giving him pictures of himself on posters, playing cards or other items would feel right, it would be something of more value to us as fans than to him, I think. Having said that, I would offer to make him a phone cover with my mother’s The Crucible painting on it, similar to the one I have.

Also, many many years ago some fans made a Guy of Gisborne concert tour (called The Havoc Tour) t-shirt for Richard and I thought that was absolutely brilliant! He actually mentioned that t-shirt way back when at the end of this video interview.


10 Complete this sentence: “Richard you are the ________ to my __________.

Oh man, I suck at these. I can think of a very dramatic one: Richard, you are the balm to my tortured soul. Or a slightly more light-hearted one: Richard, you are the chocolate to my tea.

Darvey and Alan Watts

So, the brown eyes obsession has had me re-watching bits and pieces of Suits and it made me realize that the last time I made a video for Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht – him with the gorgeous brown eyes) and Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty) was after that surprise kiss in season 7.

In truth, there are already so many awesome end of series videos out there that I didn’t think there was anything really left for me to add after season 9 ended. Then recently I happened upon a spoken piece by philosopher Alan Watts talking about falling in love, it was set to music, and instantly on hearing that images of Darvey (Donna and Harvey) sprang to mind which meant that this video begged for me to make it. It’s been ghosting around my brain for a few weeks now and I finally started on the video while waiting on Dutch election results this past Wednesday evening. I finished the video last night, somehow this one wasn’t so difficult to make. Again, no surprising editing skills or anything (don’t have the advanced software or editing ability), just a little story to be told…

Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty really did awesome jobs with creating and portraying their characters. I loved the ending the creators of Suits gave to Harvey and Donna, giving them both such complete journeys and developments as individuals but also together as (finally) a couple. It’s time these two actors came back to my screen in one way or another…

DB, Yannick and Gabriel

Yeah, I’m not done with Yannick Bisson and Gabriel Macht and their brown eyes just yet. This past weekend I was also distracted by DB Woodside’s eyes again. Via Twitter I saw that he was doing an online pay-what-you-can convention event and before I knew it I found myself signing up for his 45 minute Q&A session at a quarter past midnight on what was technically not Saturday night but Sunday morning for me.

This man is such a gentle and thoughtful soul, very much impacted by the Black Lives Matter movement that is going on, harbours a huge affection for his Lucifer colleagues and I really enjoyed the 45 minutes listening to him (and looking into his eyes). He directed one of the final Lucifer episodes recently and loved it. It will be a while before we see it but I am curious.

In other brown-eyed news, I finished two Yannick Bisson and Deanne Bray in Sue Thomas F.B. Eye videos. One video I made was to the song ‘Grow As We Go’ which I’m not too happy with but I uploaded it anyway because I got impatient. I may take it down again but if anyone wants to see it, it is up on my Sue Thomas videos page (for now). Over here I will share the video I just finished today after work, because that one I do quite like…

I just can’t get enough of Bisson’s brown eyes (click images to enlarge)…

I also have a Gabriel Macht in Suits video idea that I want to explore next. I need a little video creation break but I am looking forward to using those brown eyes and that shit-eating grin in the video I’m considering making…

Thank goodness I still have fun and beautiful things to distract me even after being in Corona lockdown for a year.

Richard Armitage on Dibley

Yesterday a programme aired in the UK about The Vicar of Dibley and, among many other people, Richard was interviewed for it as well. Servetus has been so kind as to provide two clips from the programme where they all speak about Harry Kennedy as embodied by Richard Armitage…

Source Servetus
Source Servetus

She was going to find her romantic and intellecual equal, writer Richard Curtis says of Geraldine finding Harry and he’s a really good romantic hero with a twinkle in the eye, Dawn French says. Dawn’s smile says it all really (click images to see the smiles more clearly)…

Here are a buttload of screenshots as Richard is interviewed (click images to enlarge)…

I like that Richard’s biggest laughs were about the mud being splashed onto Geraldine’s wedding dress (the last four pictures above). Gotta love a man with a silly sense of humour! Guylty has compiled some nice gifs from Tumblr and videos on YouTube, check them out here if you like.

I really did enjoy the distRAction but now I need to get back to Gabriel Macht and Yannick Bisson with their beautiful brown eyes again…

… and wait a bit till I can make some more time and space in my head to watch the whole The Vicar of Dibley Inside Out programme. I always loved The Vicar of Dibley and I always loved that Richard was able to be part of that as well.


I’ve been watching Suits bloopers and behind the scenes Gabriel Macht is apparently the one who cracks up most often. In one little behind the scene Sarah Rafferty calls him “chucklebutt” and while he’s chuckling you hear him say, “Sarah, stop it!” Here’s a gif of that moment (and a video starting at 5:37 mins here, it’s even better with sound)…

I made a few more Gabriel chuckling behind the scenes gifs (in the third gif he is trying to not laugh before he cracks up in the fourth gif, click on the images to see them a bit larger if you like)…

… and some dancing behind the scenes gifs, he’s got quite the moves.

And a couple more behind the scenes giggles gifs…

I just love the word chucklebutt, it seems very fitting for Gabriel, and I think I may use it as an alias somewhere, sometime should I ever need one online. Thank you, Sarah, for your quips! 🙂