Meet cute

According to the online Cambridge dictionary a “meet cute” is defined as:

(in a film, etc.) a humorous or interesting situation in which two people meet, that leads to them developing a romantic relationship with each other

I completely love a good meet cute in a movie. I was searching for a few the other day (how I came to do so doesn’t really matter) but they never seem to show them quite how I want them, i.e. they only show a small part or I can’t find them as a scene as such. So, I decided to open an Instagram account and share some meet cutes in movies and on TV that I like! Not sure how long I will be able to keep up posting meet cutes but this past weekend I posted three as a test and it’s fun, so I’ll be continuing this for a little while at least.

I started with a Ronald Colman one from the 1931 movie Arrowsmith:

… followed by the wonderful meet cute from one of my fave movies ever, Roman Holiday

This evening I posted a third from the 2011 movie The Adjustment Bureau which has one of my fave meet cutes ever.

Well, I say this is one of my favourites but I have so many that I love! And so I will keep exploring and collecting them on my new Instagram account and will link to them here on blog as well. Posting 3 meet cutes may be a bit of initial overkill. I already have more clips lined up, but will post them another time. Maybe I will make this a “Meet Cute Sunday” item on my blog? We’ll see where this little journey will take me…

5 thoughts on “Meet cute

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  2. Great clips! All the meet cutes that come to mind start in conflict (as I suppose many film romances do). One of my favourite films is Bringing up Baby, so Cary Grant and Kathryn Hepburn meeting on the golf course is my favourite meet cute.

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